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05-27-2004, 10:55 AM
Here is what they so far have about this return of the Anime Track at Dragon Con. Thjis will be the second year that they have had an Anime Track and I understand a few folks here may have been asked to host a panel in the Anime Track. I hope that as the con gets closer we shall learn more of what will be in the track as last year I was too busy to actually go and see if any of the panels were any good.


Director: Molly Ezell

Welcome to the second year of Dragon Con's Anime track! We are planning to explore Japanese anime from the past to the present, from Giant Robots to Magical Girls. We will be discussing new titles that will be soon reaching our shores. Although our main focus will be with Japanese anime, we will also attempt to explore other forms of anime from American cartoons to foreign imports. We will touch on the various techniques, from cell painting to computer animation.

We are also planning some time for fun as well, with trivia contests and a Costume and Karaoke night with prizes. We hope that you'll come over and chat with our guests about their work in Animation.

05-27-2004, 10:48 PM
That sounds like the same blurb from last year. :)

It probably won't be till much closer to the con that an actual panel schedule and whatnot goes up.

05-27-2004, 11:43 PM
It is the same Blurb from last year.

That sounds like the same blurb from last year. :)

It probably won't be till much closer to the con that an actual panel schedule and whatnot goes up.

05-28-2004, 12:06 PM
Ok here is a reply Email I got from the Director for the Anime Track. Everyone enjoy and feel free to add input if you wish. Why not make it better?


I am still working on the panels, and all of them are subject to change, but
so far I have a few panels that I know are a go. We will be having a
Karaoke Revolution party, Cos-Play, Trivia Contest, and a "How to Draw" a 4
hour Workshop that Mariana Rievier will be hosting. I am trying to get
Christopher Golden to hold a panel on Ghost of Albion, the animated series
he and Amber Benson done for the BBC. Debi Derryberry is another guest and
is a voice actor in many Animated Series, including being a voice in Kiki's
Delivery Service. Someone asked if I would let them do a Sailor Moon Panel,
and we have a Women in Anime panel slated. I am talking to another possible
panelist about doing a Classic American Cartoons panel, which will talk
about the Cartoons on American TV from about the 60's to the early 90's,
this will also include Anime that at the time they didn't tell us was Anime,
such as Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets/G-Force, Starblazers, etc. One
Panel I want to do is basically "A Parents Guide to Anime." This I want to
do because so many times I have heard people say that Anime is either all
pornography, or evil, or something along those lines. In fact I heard it
again two days ago. I think that such a panel will help dispel some myths
and help parents realize that just because it's a "cartoon" that it's not
necessarily for children, and tell them to look on the back of the box,
etc... to check the recommended ages. Which leads to the next panel.
Someone asked me to do a Hentai panel last year. I have one scheduled (not
sure which night) for a midnight time slot, however, I cannot guarantee that
my senior directors or ones higher up will not pull it. I have put in that
no one under 18 is allowed, and it might be something that we will check
ages for if I am allowed to have it. I have also been contacted about a fan
parody of LotR story line, put to Inu Yasha clips. So that is on the
drawing board as well. So that's basically it, alot of stuff still in the
planning stages, with very little set in stone at this point. Please, if
you have any ideas for our track or something you would like to see, let me
know and I will see what I can do.

Thank You,

Molly Ezell
Anime Track Director
Dragon Con

05-30-2004, 09:20 PM
If they are doing a hentai panel, then to be fair they should have a yaoi panel. I just got back from Animazment, and the unofficial yaoi panel was the biggest fan panel there.