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Initial Diesal
05-28-2004, 10:51 AM
Ok I just have had a few problems over the time I've been on cosplay.com that I just want to mention now. First recently I've notice a disapearance of many of my post. Now I wouldn't see this as a problem if what I wrote was in the wrong thread, insulting or rude. But I don't come off that way and try to keep friendly and somewhat perfessional on this site. It upsets me to work so hard on some post and then just have them deleted off the face of the planet. I'd like a little consent.

Next is Number Count, originally there was a choice for my number count to be viewed and not to be viewed. Since my original name is now deleted and it is unfortunate for people not to reconize me anymore. I don't like myself to be viewed as a number. It feels like I'm being judged on how many post I have, so if I have less then another I'm viewed as someone new and unimportant to the community towards some people. I understand it is well and good for spotting out new member who may be disruptive but I honestly don't like it.

I want to understand a little bit more one the rules, do the rules apply to everyone or just members? If a faculty member of the site makes an off topic comment in the wrong board does that thread get closed as well, because as I viewed it, it doesn't.

Lastly, my previous name. Ki Kuru Kitty, now there was a whole fiasco about it. But in the end it just happened to be a misunderstanding. But my brother was a tad bit offended and got a little rude, now I wasn't able to control my brothers actions on the boards. But I do agree with him that some sort of apology be made. Ever since this big situation happened, I have been insulted a lot for things that I haven't even been doing and wasn't able to defend myself cause I was banned, I was called Troll and several other things by members and mods on this site. I understand what my brother did was wrong, but I took the time to comprimise and apologize for his actions. But still to this very day I never received any consent about the situation what so ever. I don't want to be rude to say, but it was kinda rude.

Thank you for your time,

05-29-2004, 07:42 PM
Initial Diesal,

If you click "edit my profile" (quick links), in the top box there's a two little circles - it says "Show my Post count? Yes/No". Just move the green circle to the one you want. If you say no, your post count won't show anymore. I think it still keeps track of it, though, in case you turn it back on.

Also, sometimes posts are moved if they are off-topic. Usually the Mods make a comment, something like "This should be in the anime chat forum...moving". I say usually, because sometimes they don't have time.

The rules apply to everyone (as far as I understand them) and Admin gets the last word (as it is his site). If you feel that one of the moderators has made a rude or undeserved comment in a thread, send a link to the thread to Admin and he will deal with it. Mods are human - they can't be 100% polite all the time, especially after dealing with some of stuff they put up with maintaining the boards. If you feel they made an innapropriate comment, you can also PM the mod themselves, and just say that perhaps they were having a bad day, but you find their response to so and so in x thread (link) a bit harsh and uncalled for. They ARE only human, and have more pressure than any other member to always be nice.

I hope things get figured out soon for you.

Initial Diesal
05-29-2004, 10:02 PM
yeah, unfortunately I tried all those things. And I do feel sorry for all the lashing made at Mods and stuff, I even made a comment about it and that was deleted. I think there are just some things that can't be questioned because there will be consequences to questioning authority in my opinion. I'm sure there will be good and bad reason for all the actions made here by mods but sometimes I feel some voice is just fairly discluded. But thanks for the help, original I had no post count and couldn't find it. X_X crazy...

Initial Diesal
06-03-2004, 01:16 PM
I don't think it's my imagination now since the issue has been avoided to be delt with for sometime. Making it more of a concern of the well being of this community of whether fairness is being offered equally among members. Also I find it kinda crude for all "closed thread" to have some witty, kinda repulsive thing to say. (In some occasions) Just for mods to have the last say, or rather last laugh. I feel that it is all well and good that certain threads be closed, but the tread could be in fact at times a misunderstand and not always a flame attack. I don't think its neccessary to belittle a person's hard work with some smart remark. And of course since it is the last say, there is no defending one's one image after looking bad from one insult or comment. Making that person look bad for something he or she may have not done.

06-05-2004, 07:49 AM
Also I find it kinda crude for all "closed thread" to have some witty, kinda repulsive thing to say. (In some occasions) Just for mods to have the last say, or rather last laugh.
Laugh? Hardly.

As far as I'm concerned, when I put a closing comment on a thread, the reasons are:

1) So people can know why the thread was closed, instead of having to guess a reason (and perhaps guessing wrongly, such as thinking somebody "hates them" or something)

2) So that I am fully accountable to the membership - you know who closed it; it wasn't a "stealth action" by a moderator who doesn't reveal themself.

I am not in the business of blithely thinking up insults to close threads on. I don't believe that fits my job description here on Cosplay.com. The moderators' stress and frustration may, at times, show through though.

As far as post count somehow dictating how "important" a member is considered here, I highly doubt it. As a mod, I pay almost no attention to it myself. It does not even give a good guide as to how long a person has been a member. A pithy but relevant poster is far more useful to any site that an over-enthusiastic babbler of one-liners such as "oh yeah, me too!" and so forth. (Note: this does not imply that you are the latter, it is merely an example of how little a post count is actually worth.)

Initial Diesal
06-11-2004, 03:38 PM
I think such actions as feeling insulted is unavoidable, although there may be a claim as to not making a direct insult to closing threads it just may come across people who are directly related to that post to feel some discourage. Even if the thread was a valid one but made unvalid but someones flames. No one directly tries to insult someone or try to better their own ego by making someone feel inferior. At least I'd hope so.(Though actions still exist)

Also there is something that puzzles me, what is considered a flame. Any long post? Something that questions a cause? A deduction? An Induction? Sometimes I find that some threads are claimed to be flamed but are merely expressed thoughts on a situatioin. But I am sure that anything that is taken "Seriously" is banned because there is no serious discussion.