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06-13-2002, 12:26 PM
See is this will be my fist expo i go to i think im going to try this cosplay thing out, but i did not know what i was going to dress up as. My thought was that i might as well just give up an just go wearing everyday stuff... :thumbsup: but what kind of person would i be. I love go on the web an look at costmes that others wear to cosplay... So i set down an try to think of what to be??? So after many many many hours of think of what to wear I came up with (drum roll) nothing. :thumbsup: that right NOTHING!!! just at that point my brain was fryed cuz of the finals im taking at school. The sad thing is i alright got the got a room for five days at long beach, then i was think of not going cuz i couldn't think of a costme. But now it hits me Im going to go as German Medic so look for me and tell me how it looks ok plz.

06-13-2002, 12:42 PM
ok one more thing is live steel allowed and if so can how sharp can it be... Also were would be the best places to buy a fak gun that looks good (no out of this world guns ether) im look for some simulr to a 30 odd 6 or a MP3 sub but i have no clue on were to start to look

Oh yeah almost if then dont allow live steel can i still you HOM (med clams ) there part of my costme and i hate not to be allow to use them

06-13-2002, 06:40 PM
Live steel is an absolute NO at any con. I'd also recommend against realistic looking guns. I'm carrying a bright orange squirt gun, just so there's no thought it might be used as a weapon. But read the AX weapons guidelines - http://www.anime-expo.org . Also go to their forum, there is an extensive thread in the cosplay section.

06-14-2002, 10:53 AM
Thank you sooo much (man no live steel) oh well should have guessed that thank for the link im going to check it out

Maybe it a good thing that im not carry live steel. I have the habit of stabing my self when i meet not to

Hmmm.... well that was little use all i found out is that live steel and and weapon that can be use is not allow but what if i took a live MP3 sub and just put cesment in it disableing the fact it could shot at all ( i figer it not worth lossing the chages to go to my first Anime con) put it a thought for next year. will back to the drawing borad.