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05-29-2004, 10:22 PM
Hi! My gallery is under the name KawaiiNeko
I was hoping to get critiques and/or tips on how to improve my first two cosplay costumes ever, Kagome from Inu Yasha and Sailor Iron Mouse from Sailor Moon ^_^.

I finished Kagome, except for putting velcro (is that ok?) on the collar to keep it in place.

I still have to add the little bows to the bottom of Iron Mouse's skirt, but also finished the black bottoms and the tail.

I'm having problems finding boots though. I tried Electrique Boutique, but they didn't have quite what I'm looking for. The closest thing I found were white western/victorian wedding boots, but they cost more than I paid to make the costume and order a wig together, so that won't do. The boots need to be white, mid calf to knee high, lace up with pointy toes and not too high heels. Any suggestions?

I also have to finish styling the wig, but can y'all critique what I have so far, please? I'd really appreciate it ^_^

05-30-2004, 11:56 AM
Wow, I think that all of your costumes look awesome! good job. humm....you look strangly farmiliar(sp)...I think I've seen you somewhere before or then again maybe not...oh well^_^ awesome job on the costumes ^_^

05-31-2004, 06:29 AM
I'm not sure where you'd know me from. Did you go to A-Kon last year? That was my first convention. I wore that Dark Chii costume that I commissioned from Erika Door (who is an amazing seamstress). I was still afraid to try my hand at sewing then, but now that I've started, I think I'm doing ok. So far I've made three things. The Kagome costume, the yellow dress and the Sailor Iron Mouse costume.

05-31-2004, 12:24 PM
^_^; I guess I dont know you, but still...you look strangely farmiliar lol.