View Full Version : Cowboy Bebop Skit Debate!

11-26-2002, 05:50 PM
Alright, A few friends and I are working on a skit for MegaCon, we're all going as CB characters, I'm Electra Ovilo (The chick in the red jacket from the movie) Chino is Spike, my sis is Ed, and I dont know who else is going. But we've got two skits that we're debating over, Which sounds best?

Idea #1
A parody of A Scene from Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Spike and Electra are fighting, and Spike has a broom to fight with since both dont have guns. Spike begins doing that whole broom spin trick kung fu-thing, but hits himself in the head with the broom. Electra Grabs the broom, and spins it, before ... wacking Spike in the crotch with it. ^-^' Ed then runs across the stage, chanting, "Be-bop Hop Scotch Man Hurts in the crotch!"

Idea #2
The characters are gathered in thier chairs after the show is done, and discussing thier gripes about eachother and stuff like that, say Ed goes, "Oh Yeah? Well these shorts gimme a wedgie!" or something like that n.n;

So Those are the ideas, my throat is now burning in horrible, horrible pain, so I must leave.

11-27-2002, 12:48 AM
Hrm, well . . . first impression, does the person doing Spike - Chino you said? - have any stage combat experience? Two reasons for that question - because some cons won't let you do any stage combat if you can't prove you're proficient (I don't know exactly what they consider "proficient"), and also because I could see that going very badly in the accidental pain department. >_< I don't know when MegaCon is. If you have a lot of time to practice and you can pull it off, it could be very cool. I'd say try actually DOING the skit a few times and see how it goes.

Otherwise, I think you'll be fine with #2. It's safer. Though I think it would be cool with Ed and Spike and whoever else you can get, but it seems maybe a bit odd to have Electra there, since she's movie-only. Maybe you could have it be a break on the movie set instead?