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Zephyr Rhapsody
06-07-2004, 02:49 AM
Greetings everybody. Anime NEXT will be returning this year with lots of great guests and great fun - and we'll see what great game shows we can bring everyone to make that convention experience exponentially better!

First off, "Anime Price is Right" is back in grand fashion. Not only do you get to win prizes for being a knowledgable otaku consumer, but you don't have to worry about Bob Barker groping you! This game will be lots of fun for a good number of contestants, as well as the audience, so everybody is more than welcome to attend!

Secondly, Zephyr Game Shows will be returning with two of our personal favorites. On the one hand, we have our classic "Anime Name that Tune," where we take eight contestants and challenge their otaku ears and they vie for great prizes and a shot to be Anime NEXT's representative in the annual "Anime Name that Tune" championship where they will be invited to compete against 2004's champions from Virginia to Toronto and Ohio to Boston! Come one, come all - and even the audience wins prizes! Have fun, minna-san!

On the other hand, Zephyr Game Shows will be pimpin' their oxymoronical new classic: "Zephyr Maru/Batz!" Based off of the televised Japanese game show, this event will take a roomful of anime fans and have them flock from side-to-side of the room to personify their answers to our true/false questions. When only a select amount survive, a mini-game begins and then a brand new game, allowing for multiple, multiple chances to participate for grand prizes in this game where the audience is their own game piece! Began at Otakon, perfected at Nekocon, and now on to Anime NEXT, we'll leave a lasting impression on you con-goers that will last longer than video game room stench! Have fun, minna-san!

Regardless, I hope everyone joins the fun at Anime NEXT and I wish everyone the best of times!

- Corey
Zephyr Game Shows