View Full Version : Help!! Searching for Ryutaro cosplayer from A-on 15!!

06-10-2004, 07:28 PM
Hello all ^^ I ened help!!! See, on sunday, Juen 6th I came accross the msot lovely Ryutaro cosplayerat A-kon!!! I was waiting in line for my pic with Psycho le Cemu when I see that guy walk by XD of course I got piccies and a hug but I didnt' even catch his name, AIM screena...nothing ;o; I was wondering if anyoen here knows him or anything about him and could help me track him down. Here are his pictures:



if anyoen has any info please email me at pepperedscar@yahoo.com or AIM at ShingetsuSUicide or just post here. thank you all so much for your help!!