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06-14-2004, 11:07 AM
Hi, ^_^

I came up with an idea for a skit for my friends and me and wrote out a script. I was wondering if anyone would like to read it and give me some suggestions. I'm not going to post it right now because I don't want to clutter up the board with stuff people may not want to read, but if someone replies I'll post it or email it to you or whatever. ^^; It's kinda a weird skit because at first I was trying to do comedy and when that didnt work too well I tried a serious/dramatic approach... with something totally weird at the end.

So anyway, if anyone would be interested in reading it and giving me some feedback, I'd really appreciate it! ^^


06-14-2004, 01:42 PM
duuude O_o if your all gonna be the shi-tennou for AN im gonna be tempted to bring princess..and finish up mamochans endymion costume... O__O...

IM me! XD


06-15-2004, 10:57 AM
All right, I'm going to post the script... if anyone has any suggestions, please please please let me know! Thank you.
BTW, J=sailorjupiter, K=kunzite, N=nephrite, Z=zoisite

OFFSTAGE: J: "Flower Hurricane!"

N: (yells)

(lightning attack sounds)

(Nephrite staggers on stage and then starts to collapse. He notices the ground is dirty and stops) No use getting my uniform dirty. (spreads out a blanket, and then collapses on the ground. NN: Where will the blanket come from? Already on stage? Zoisite runs in, followed shortly after by Kunzite, who moves much more slowly.)

Z: (stops a few feet from Nephrite, with a shocked and horrified look on his face) Nephrite!!! (runs and kneels/crouches next to Nephrite) What have they done to you?!

(Kunzite stands back a few feet, calmly observing, a blank look on his face)

N: I - I can't believe it... how could a Sailor Soldier be so powerful? The Sailor Soldiers should have been finished! My plan was perfect!

K: (muttering to himself) Hmph. (or something like that)

Z: (weakly, starting to cry) Come on Nephrite... you still have time. (tries to get Nephrite to stand up. Nephrite starts to stand, but falls back down again) You can still finish them off...

N: (angry) Can't you see it's too late for me? I've failed Beryl... and Jadeite... (breaks off in pain)

Z: (quietly) Jadeite?

N: I swore I would get revenge for you, Jadeite! (pounds fist on the ground) After your death, I dedicated my life to that goal... I was determined... determined... (all this time he struggles to stand up and finally does, staggering around the stage unsteadily while Zoisite follows him around. Kunzite just watches from the same position.) Even though I insulted you... you were still a shitennou... one of the four kings... one of us... (collapses and dies NN: hey, lets make him say "i am killed" like in Shakespeare lol ~_^)

Z: No! First Jadeite, and now you!

K: (goes to Zoisite) There's nothing more you can do.

Z: The Sailor Soldiers might still be around here! We have to make them pay! (starts to run off)

K: (angry, holding Zoisite back) Stop it! Haven't you learned anything from this? Nephrite was a fool who let his emotions control him. He was arrogannt to believe he could defeat the Sailor Soldiers all by himself... he brought upon his own death! (lets go of Zoisite, who doesn't move and looks down at the ground NN: maybe during Kunzite's speech, Neph could move around or something so the audience knows he's not dead... Kun and Zoi won't notice, or at least won't realize that Neph is faking. hehe dramatic irony... or something...)

Z: But---

K: (coldly) Zoisite, if you don't want to end up like him, I suggest that you use your head more.

Z: (looking off into the distance) I... suppose you're right... but I don't know how I can forget this.

K: (pause) Hey, now that Nephrite can't disturb us, wanna go play DDR? ("Petit Love" starts playing)

Z: (suggestively NN: hahaha!) Oh yeah... we can play all night long... if ya know what I mean...

(Kunzite and Zoisite run/dance offstage, maybe laughing or something)

N: They actually fell for it! (gets up) I always suspected... I'm definitely getting my camera! (runs offstage)

THE END ^___^

I'm still not sure about the last lines... and its probably more stupid than funny... ~_~

Nozomi Wazawa
06-15-2004, 01:58 PM
lmao! it's a bit strange but I like it... go for it!

06-15-2004, 08:45 PM
I changed the ending tonight... I decided that Nephrite would do things to show the audience that he is only pretending to be dead and is spying on Zoisite and Kunzite... ~_^ At the end Kunzite says "Now that Nephrite's out of the picture, we can..." and whispers something to Zoisite, who replies, "Oh yeah, we can do it all night long" and then the two run off. Nephrite does the part about getting the camera, but then Zoi and Kun come back so Neph kinda hides in the corner... Zoi and Kun start playing DDR, and Nephrite's like "DDR? That's it?" So then Zoisite and Kunzite realize Nephrite was tricking them and chase Nephrite off the stage as the "Petit Love" clip ends.

Do you think maybe that makes more sense?