View Full Version : Sorry, deleted my art album

Spooky Brew
11-29-2002, 02:06 AM
Right now, I'm going through a tough time, I lost faith in people and the internet right now. If I lost my artwork to someone else, I'd be crushed. My work is very serious to me, and I'm exhausted right now, and if something happened with my artwork or something, I'd be to crushed to get up. Sorry, I hope to return it soon if anyone really cared.

11-29-2002, 10:31 AM
Spook, what's the problem? :(

you can PM me if you don't want to post here


11-29-2002, 10:42 PM
If there is a problem....I am always here to talk too.....

I hope everything is ok.....

-Gothic Lulu:devil:

11-29-2002, 10:45 PM
We do care and you know it.:)

Spooky Brew
11-29-2002, 11:02 PM
I'm sorry, I'm just so angry right now, and as I said before, I don't trust this board as much as I used to, and if anything happened with my artwork, it would crush me. My art is so personal to me.

11-29-2002, 11:39 PM
You know we will back you with any help needed. :)

Spooky Brew
11-30-2002, 04:14 AM
More than anything, a couple of my friends had stuff stolen off the internet. I was worried I might be next if I already wasn't hit. But, I shall be resilient, nothing can ever get me down and out, no matter how depressed or angry I get. You can't kick Spooky Brew out of the game unless you have your heart set on defeat. Don't worry, my album may not be gone for long. I'll bring it back sooner or later, and it will shine with bigger or better things! And, I hope I'll get more hits besides the measly 22.....

11-30-2002, 04:53 PM

I'm sorry that your friend got their art stolen. That royally sucks and I hope that the theif gets punished. I love your art though and it's a shame for other to miss out on seeing your talent.

And like I've said, if you ever need to talk to anyone you have a several people who will be there for you. Me, being one of them.

Stuff gets stolen all the time on the net and there are ways to safe guard your art with watermarks and special code that doesn't allow right clicking.

I hope to see more of your art soon. you are a very tanlented artist.


Spooky Brew
12-02-2002, 12:52 AM
I did the watermarks thing....I think that hindered the artwork though, how do you do the stop the right clicking thing?
Thank you for the compliments! It means a lot to me that someone likes my artwork other than me..^^;
Some one just said I should do a webpage...
Yea...that'll last.....
*Sorry Spooky, were shutting you down, you haven't had a update in weeks! And you haven't had a hit since the thing was opened!*

I'm so mean to me....^^;;

12-02-2002, 04:52 AM
i'm sorry.. i hope everything works out.. i don't post my writing or anything on the internet for the same reasons.. but you're really a talented artist. there is an organization called "sisters" or something.. i don't remember but my friend had the right click preventer. it didn't really work because some people had AOL and could just drag. hopefully you can find something better. good luck, hope to see your work again soon.

Spooky Brew
12-02-2002, 05:08 PM
Thank you Nekochan! You'll probably see some again! I'm trying to think of a new avatar, but I'm ahving such a problem with saying good-bye to this one!