View Full Version : The "After-con hangover wore off" Con report and shouts by Kaine

06-21-2004, 09:24 PM
Now that I think I got most my energy back lemme post this before I fall asleep again.

Got to the hotel late after picking up drinks and stuff at K-Mart ($2 for Mt. Dew = cheap sugar high). Vic and I walked around some while the rest of our drunken party showed up. Went to the pool photoshoot, went swimming, started taking pictures of people and things. Bought one of Carrie’s genki hats (puppy dog eyes and sweet smile = motivational buying). Game room was fun, didn’t get much a chance to go back because I was occupied and that lovely stench drove me away faster watching then a fat man eating a chili dog. Later that night enjoyed our room party, sampled different drinks, got happy. Most of my room went to sleep while 4 of us went driving around to find food. A suicidal bat hit the car, I walked around in socks and we returned to the hotel lobby with a pigeon that Pathmark passes off as a small chicken. Went to bed at 6am till around 10ish.

Woke up and recovered and remembered where I was. Found people and went to Hikura’s room for oatmeal nourishment. Got my Melvin outfit together and took pictures of people and found Android 18, CCAmanda, Starwind (hard to miss him) and other peeps. Went to the SM photoshoot though Moon and co didn’t show and was the only guy there. Got good pictures of Melvin pimpin’ it with the princesses. Attacked the Dealer’s Room later in the day for some stoof. Later in the evening went to Mitsuwa for real food, missed the shows but came back for the judging and the rave. Rave was fun! I actually danced! MST3k’ed hentai at 3am, walked and skipped around and talked to friends till 6am again. Ate a box of Raisin Bran TE found and went to sleep. Should have slept under a table in Artists Alley.

Got good deals on stuff in Dealer’s Room. Said goodbye to friends, started eating and drinking more to get my energy back and went home.

Shout outs:
Animelonewolf, ladysubaru25, the Dance DJ, Gears and whoever else from here I stayed with: You guys rock, we gotta chill again soon.

Hikura: Thanks for the oatmeal. Please don't yaoi me again.

DJRanmaS: You rock and you've got me as a friend always and I got your back.

Dressdragn: Great pics at Artists Alley and good job in the masquerade.

Tainted-Embrace: Sorry I forgot it was you. Thank Spike for the cereal for me.

Studmaster: Always keeping cool in the face of danger.

Starwind and Neoangelwink: Great photoshoots guys, see you at our next drunken stuper in NYC. NAW, I love the hat!

chrisscrewball: Really cool guy, can't wait for the dance lessons and learning to be hot. Thanks for the drink before the rave too, it helped me loosen up alot.

Android18 and CCAmanda: Why'd we keep finding one another?? :razz:

Ginger Catgirl: A Maxwell after my own heart!

sailor-moon and Tuxedo Kamen: Sorry you missed the 1st Saturday shoot but I enjoyed the 2nd one. Yes, I'll have the glasses at otakon. ^^

Oshi, Lady Ava, Yuffiebunny and everyone else: Rock on!

I'm considering doing Tuxedo Melvin now and maybe a Pimp Daddy Umino varient next. ^_^

06-21-2004, 09:29 PM
*stalks kaine to try yaoi him again lmao*
Hey listen next time at any con we are together maybe we should room.This way we can share food easily instead of trying to track each other down.

06-21-2004, 09:33 PM
Wow, we made yaoi into a verb!

I'm rooming with some friends at Otakon so if you manage to make it we can talk to them.

06-21-2004, 09:38 PM
As of right now i am not going for lack of rideage.I can not find a way to otakon without spending a fortune.No one in my area needs a ride so i can not go.But maybe sometime soon.I shall bring enough food for us.This includes mr lillard of fansview.com.