View Full Version : Animenext cosplay videos

06-24-2004, 07:51 PM
Just letting you all know, I have a couple of the skits from the cosplay on video. Our friend who taped ours for us grabbed a couple others. I have the following (i THINK they're all compete):

The Resident Evil skit
The Ranma, lost Ryoga skit
the Aerosmith Final Fantasy Skit
the King Of Fighters Skit
the Angel Sanctuary walkon
the Zelda walkon
the OTHER dancing Final Fantasy skit
and the Final Fantasy skit that didn't finish.

If you were in one of these skits and would like a digital copy, just private message me or email me and i'll rip it off our camera and put it somewhere on our server for you. Sorry, but i'll only put them in WMV format (sorry Mac people).