View Full Version : Anyone have room for 2 Texans?

07-01-2004, 12:13 AM
Me and a Friend are From Austin and are planning on coming up for Otakon but we have no place to stay once we can get there.

We do not need beds or anything. We are perfectly fine with sleeping on the floor, In the tub or anywhere there is room to lay down. (Tried sleeping standing up at Ushicon and A-Kon…but it didn’t work out to well).

Moneys kind of tight. So we where hoping we could find a place to bunk for about $50-75(each) or so for the whole con.

Unfortunately we are not definite on if we are coming up(about 65% sure). We won’t know for sure until about the 15th or so. i know that kidna throws a wrench in to asking for a room. but i thought i might as well see if any one is willing to take a chance on us.

So is there any one out there willing to put up 2 guys for a few days?

If you can help Message me on AIM: Toorima2 or Yahoo! Yowameru@yahoo.com