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07-03-2004, 01:45 PM
Does anyone else take anFF character and switch the colors around or add spikes or fishnet?

For instance, does anyone else go as an accurate selphie 'cept the dress is black, not yellow?

What do other people think of this sort of stuff?

07-03-2004, 04:46 PM
Personally, I like original designs or alterations, but Goth is just so incredibly overused, not so much for Final Fantasy as other shows, but its still very odd. I'd prefer to see a completely accurate Selphie in the wrong colors than your everyday satisfactory Selphie though.

I've done an alternate Rinoa design - a "black mage" version of her, but I've neglected to ever get pictures of it up. I just changed the colors and changed a few minor details.

07-03-2004, 05:06 PM

07-03-2004, 05:48 PM
I'm kinda sick of people trying to make everything "gothy". But that's just me. :\

It wouldn't bother me if someone were to invert the colors of a character's outfit or something, but something that is just black/white/gray seems so drab...

07-04-2004, 01:51 AM
Yeah, I saw her too. Seh looked great.

I'm not talking about overly gothing stuff to the point that you have no clue who it is.

I was thinking of one day going as Aeirs with a white dress, black jacket, and metal spikes on the edges.

I've seen a blue Aeris before. ^_^; It was really pretty...!

I think that swapping colors is best used for very well-known characters (or, in a better case, overdone characters. ^^; ) It adds a bit of flavor to the everyday Rinoa/Tifa/Yuna costume you see at cons, and you'll definetly stick out among the crowd. ^^* If you want to do this, I'm all for it and I wish you luck! ^_~

07-04-2004, 02:04 AM
I would love to see someone do a variation of the colors on the Gunner Yuna dressphere. The number of Gunners anymore is annoying x_x So, some change would be awesome. Same for like Rikku and Songstress Yuna and Lenne.

07-04-2004, 11:30 AM
Dunno about goth, but I'm dying to do an 80's rocker version of Rinoa and Aeris' costumes. :thumbsup: I think I'm gonna start on them....