View Full Version : Naruto: Which is the best Kakashi?

07-03-2004, 11:24 PM

Everyone having fun at AX 04? I am ^^
So, I'm sure we all were at that big Naruto gathering w/ like half the AX attendees there. OMG it was sooo hard to take pictures! Anyway, I'm a uber big Kakashi fan...and I was wondering which one did you guys like the most? Did any of you see that one Kakashi w/ the book and the fold out hentai picture? That was so hilarious! Or the Kakashi w/ the real Sharingan? Man that guy rocks too! >o<

I'd like to hear everyones thoughts =)


07-04-2004, 12:01 PM
Lol, well if you are that big a kakashi nut, try coming to AFO6 next year in FL. I will be doing kakashi with sharingan and icha icha paradise..the foldout is kinda funny idea too :) lol. But if anyone has pics of this please do post. I would love to see em.