View Full Version : My Own Little Summercon

07-08-2004, 07:23 PM
The way I see it, since I can't go to Otakon this summer, I might as well have a little mini convention at my house instead. For one-two days in the week of August 9-13, while my parents are away of course, I will be inviting members of cosplay.com to spend the night at my house in Cliffside Park, NJ, for a little party which I call SummerCon '04. Pretty much, it will be Anime and Video Games galore. I have figured out how many people can sleep in my house at one time, and I can fit up to about 20 people, unless people are interested in sleeping in their cars as well. This invitation goes out to all members of cosplay.com that would like to come if they can. There are only a few requirements to this little get together. 1. You must bring some sort of snack/drink. I may be the host, but I'm not rich. 2. Either bring some video games with you(let me know what you want to bring, incase i already have it) or Anime, hopefully more anime since i don't have any of my own. 3. No getting freaky, unless you're having that fun in your car. The final requirement is just to have fun. If anybody is interested in coming, e-mail me at executiona85@aol.com and i will get you directions to my house. Hope to hear from ya soon, everybody.