View Full Version : Contacting Con Friends

07-08-2004, 08:51 PM
I met a lot of really nice people at this con (as I'm sure yall did as well) and it was a blast! The problem is, I had no pen all weekend and thus wasn't able to take down any contact info. One of my buddies that I went with took down numbers and stuff, but has since lost them, lol. So anyways I'm hoping I wasn't the only one and that this would be thread-worthy in order for us to catch up with those we lost touch with.

Bekka! You were a lot of fun girl! We hung out most of the con, so I hate that I couldn't get your contact info! (to narrow it down if there are lots of Bekkas out there, lol, you were about 19, from MD, and had the blue wig...though I never saw you wear it, lol). Umm also The 2 Justins that were "bought" by a group of teenage girls and one guy who played along, lol. Good timez. If any of yall run across this, plz pm me ^^
Take Care,
-Nix``` aka Amy #1 ,lol