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07-10-2004, 04:05 PM
Hello minna ^_^,

In one of the previos posts, many people replied with great advice as to how to get "flawless" skin, with the various different makeup steps involved.

I've only used makeup pretty basically, and it was really new to hear about all the different steps and products that can be used to make it truly flawless. But I have one huge question! How much will it cost?

If anyone could give a listing of suggested products and their general prices, and the overall price, it would be greatly appreciated! :D. Also, the same process can be used for men too right? Not in reference to crossplay, but just to make their skin smooth-looking?

Thanks! :) ^______^

07-10-2004, 05:18 PM
Skincare and makeup are 2 very different topics. Makeup will only go so far, you have to take care of your skin to begin with.

Most high-end department store brands also own drugstore lines as well so you don't always have to shell out $$$.

07-10-2004, 05:23 PM
To be honest, in order to get the "flawless" look, you really should invest in some higher-quality products. I didn't believe this, either, until I actually started using some of MAC's products (specifically the Studio Fix foundation and the liquid eyeliner). I don't know about the other brands, but MAC's products will give you good coverage and make your face look wonderful.

Unfortunately, I'll break it down like this. I bought some of MAC's products in Canada--Studio Fix, Eyeliner, and Fix+--and for those three, it cost me a total of $66 CND. The products would be a lot more expensive in the us.

MAC's foundation is usually between $23-$30 USD. It sounds like a lot, but a little can go a long way.

Today I purchased more Studio Fix (I'm back in MD now), and that cost me about $24 with tax.

I also purchased some of Benefit's "Dr. Feelgood" (a complexion balm), and that cost me about $25. (What that does is give your skin a smoother-looking finish, because you put it on under your makeup...you can also use it alone, and it's supposed to be pretty good for your face because of the vitamins and such in it.) Today alone, I've spent $49 USD on two things of makeup.

In short: it can get very expensive, but it is also a worthwhile investment. If you don't feel as if you need to spring for that [because you don't need it for long-term anything], then just go to your local beauty store and pick some stuff up from there.


To HAVE flawless skin, she's right, you really do have to take care of it (wish I'd known sooner). Exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing are pretty much the basics, and those don't have to get expensive--just pick up some stuff from the drugstore or the supermarket. However, I like to use some stuff that has Dead Sea salt and minerals, so that improves my face; I use that in conjunction with some topical medicine that my doctor described, and that works wonders.

07-11-2004, 01:35 AM
I have rosacea. It runs in my family; I inherited it from my mother. I also have combination skin that likes to be dry and oily by turns. I use face scrub in the shower ($4/tub) every other day and astringent ($4/bottle) the days I don't. I moisturize after that, currently with stuff from Avon ($8/jar) since my husband is allergic to the almond moisturizer I prefer. On top of that I use skin refinisher to smooth out my skin surface and start minimizing the red on my face, foundation, and setting powder. I also have bronzing powder so my white shoulders don't blind people for the scantier-topped costumes. I believe those last four cost collectively around $180 as they're all Estee Lauder products. However, I do manage to save on one thing--I don't cover my apple cheeks entirely, so I don't need blush in my makeup kit!

07-12-2004, 10:52 PM
All in all..BEFORE FOUNDATION I use three products: Cleanser, toner,moisturizer.. those add up to about 60$
My foundation itself costs 30$ because its a MAC and mixed custom for me, since I have yellow and red undertones.

I'm a teenager, so I'm naturally worried about acne,pimples and the like.
But,through this regiment..I have gotten maybe 5 pimples a year. Small ones.
Flawless skin isn't impossible, but you have to be willing to pay $$$$


And thats before I knew how to even apply it correctly.
Quality = results.

07-13-2004, 01:03 AM
i have very dry skin, and some days we're talking, hey, look, let's peel my face off!

so i use...uh dove body wash on my face...but it's 1/4 moisterizer! and it's so nice and smooth! my skin likes it, because when i try to use other face washes my skin go eeeew!!!! *DRY PEEL* before putting on makeup i like Estee Lauder's skin silkening moisterizer, which came free in my gift with purchase.

my foundation is wonderful! it's Lancome's Photogenique, which has light reflectors and make you look flawless in piccies and it;s for dry skin, so my face feels so lovely!

but it's $50. a tiny bit goes a long way though...

07-13-2004, 01:55 AM
There is only so much magic makeup can work, if you want to achieve flawless skin then you need to re-evaluate your skin care routine. If you have a bad complexion I recommend seeing an dermatologist, they can work with you by trying out a variety of topicals and meds to help clear your skin. It is a bit pricey, but you get results.

To look like you have flawless skin, I'd recommend investing in quality base make-up. The key to looking natural is finding a foundation that closely matches your skin tone, custome blending is an increasing trend among make-up counters. It costs twice the price of regular foundation, but it's very worth it. It's also wise to invest in a quality moisturizer, primer (opinion varies from person to person, but it gives the foundation something to hold on to and it helps keep oiliness to a minimun) concealer, and a nice translucent powder to set your base. Each product will probably set you back anywhere between $25 and $60.

Products I can't live with out:

Benefit Get Even correction powder $25

English Ideas foundation primer $25

Clinique Moisture surge $30

Clinique Super City block spf 25 (this also acts as a primer too) $17

Physicians formula green concealer (to neutralize the redness in my face) $5

Philosophy: Purity Made Simple $20 (Does an extremenly, yet gentle job of removing even the heaviest of make-up applications)

I almost feel guilty for spending so much on make-up and skin care, but I work hard and can afford to pamper myself.

*dies of guilt*


09-06-2009, 05:35 PM
Wow, I feel like a royal cheapskate now. They may as well make me queen of cheapskatesville.

Typically, I have really bad cystic acne, and because of my dark skin, I get really bad hyper-pigmentation. It's really temperamental. Occasionally, it's really oily, and other times it's desert dry. But, as I've said before, I've a cheapskate. And as any wise cheapskate would, I like to find the cheapest way out.

I once tried proactiv concealer (I personally am not a fan of proactiv, and this concealer was literally the last proactiv product I bought) at $12. After that, I followed up with cheap Covergirl pressed powder (maybe $15 max? It was from Walmart XP). And sure enough, it didn't work so well. Then, to be unconventional, I added lotion *after* putting on the pressed powder. For a while, my skin was about four shades lighter than usual, but after my skin absorbed the lotion, it came out looking quite good.

Not necessarily perfect, flawless skin, but it sure did a good job hiding all my acne scars on my forehead and cheeks. These photos were taken about two hours after my skin tone looked moderately natural.