View Full Version : Extra reg and hotel room to share?

Amy the Yu
07-10-2004, 10:42 PM
Hey hey.

I'm heading from Phily to Otakon, but I'm going to be going home to Toronto on Sunday cause Otakon marks the end of my stay in Phily for this year.

I was wondering if anyone's heading to southern Ontario afterwards that I can tag along with and not end up by myself for the trip home.

I haven't decided what mode of transportation I'll be taking yet, but if I can't find anyone to catch a ride with (and I'm more than willing to pay my share of the gas money), I'm also looking for anyone taking a train or bus (ie Greyhound) back.

It's a long way back, so I want someone with me instead of ending up trying to entertain myself for the 8 hour trip.

I haven't bought my ticket home yet, so I'm more than happy to buy my ticket to match anyone else making a similar trip afterwards so I'll have a buddy/buddies to chat with or something. ^^