View Full Version : S'what was your favorite part this year?

07-17-2004, 11:57 AM
Okay, now that A-Kon's been over n'done with for a month and a half, I'd like to find out what your favorite bit of the 'con was?

I thoroughly enjoyed the following:

Seeing DAI
I went pretty much specifically to see Do As Infinity since Tomiko Van is one of very few people who can turn me into a mooshy, aw-shucks sort of fanboy.

Hangin' with friends I rarely get to see. I kinda live down in middle-of-nowhere central Texas, and my dearest friends are up North Texas-way.

Stopping to converse with other giant-sword-weilding individuals concerning the various attributes and advantages of particular giant swords. I only got "mine's bigger than yours!" once.

Buying the tiny plastic Naruto people I've been looking for.

That freakin' awesome Starscream I saw on the last day.

07-17-2004, 07:15 PM
My best part was getting a suite at the regular room rate. ohohoho. ^_^ Ummm, as for the con specifically. I liked doing the J-rock skits. It was fun and chummy in there with the the J-music crew.

Seeing Foamy was probably #1 of the weekend.

I would have said seeing Psycho le Cemu (because I was very eager about seeing them) but I missed both concerts from dehydration, anger over lines, and stress eating away at me during the con. >_<

But it was a good none-the-less. ^_^

Digital Blush
07-17-2004, 08:02 PM
my best part was hmm lets see lol getting my boyfriends hair to look very sasukeish for his Sasuke Uchiha costume and then watching my friend put eyeliner on him as a effect (for what i have no idea) but still fun. also seeing all my cosplay.com friends from the naruto forums that helped and talked to me, thus being the first people i have met online, offline. but not to forget just the whole cosplaying experience. ^^