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07-18-2004, 03:53 AM
I'm going as Maximum Holtsfors Ballanche Kaien in his AKD kimono/military uniform. I'm also doing his casual dress. *grins* What I need is his fatima now. It's called Solid State Logic or S.S.L. and is female. Um...I just can't find any images of her. But you could always try Auxo, Douglus Kaien's fatima! Heck, having a Dougulus Kaien (Max's rather bad, bad boy of a daddy) with me would be nice too.

On both of Max's images below, just click "next" to see other angles of the figurines.

Max's Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes (AKD) Headdliner Knight costume:

Max in his "casual" outfit with a skirt and a large, pretty white bow at the back:

Maximum is male and, according to Mamaru Nagano, straight as a friggin' arrow to clear all confusions. Max's also supposed to be over six and a half feet and something inches tall. *laughs* Which pretty much means he's a good foot and a half and something inches taller than I am. Yep, a foot. I'm just an inch from being five feet tall.

Max is one of these extraordinary bishonens or pretty boys and is considered to be the knight in FSS lingo...well, maybe after his father. He is masculine in manners and carriage, very sure of himself, his sexuality and well, his beauty, but not masculine in the brutish manner like most men are these days.

Nagano himself has crossplayed as Sailor Venus and he loves to draw some of the most unusually beautiful (*murmurs* crossdressing...not that it's called that in the FSS universe), effeminate men you've seen outside of a CLAMP manga. This is pretty funny since FSS is considered to be a shounen manga. XD

It is jam packed with gorgeous men, strangely manly, but still beautiful, women and insanely detailed mechas teetering 15 to 17 meters in to the air on designer high heels. Yes, you read right. Nagano came up with these mechas, called MortorHeadds with built in, upside down, Eiffel Tower-like, stilleto heels. The main character is an effeminate, cross dressing and relatively young at less than 1,900 yrs of age humanoid going by the staggering name of Amaterasu Dis Grande Eyades IV. Also known as the God of Light. It's supposedly male, but since it's literally a god, it can change hair color, body weight, height, gender, and could even travel from one universe to another, back and forth, across, down, around, and inside out of Time itself at will.

There really are no villians or heros in this epic of a human opera...and this manga is probably the only one (I can think of) that's still going strong for the past two decades or so in this industry which can truthfully be called an epic. It spans more than 4 billion years (experienced by Amaterasu in his strange quest to become the Emperor of Joker Galaxy....and the rather distant second, multi-universe race to meet up with his lost wife) through the evolution and devolution of the human species.

More info:


*tries to act masculine*

07-18-2004, 06:40 AM
Not going to this con, but both my sister and I want to do costumes from this series. She was a bit surprised when she found out the costume she wanted to do was a males costume.

07-19-2004, 06:31 PM
Aw, that's too bad! Which cons are you going too? And which characters are you going as? I can only afford to go this one. XD So friggin expensive for it too. Ah well.


07-20-2004, 12:58 AM
Neither of us have a completed outfit yet, I have started Ssizz & Lachesis twice but not been satisfied with how they were turning out so set aside to await third try at them. My sister is interested in a Fillmore Emperor outfit. We usually go to eastern cons like Animazement & DragonCon.

07-20-2004, 02:47 PM
Aah, dang it. I'm on the west coast. Lachesis! She's such an underrated character. Even in Japan. Nagano doesn't write about her enough or even with the depth that she could carry if only he would give her more things to worry about than Amaterasu. Well, maybe he'll change that when more fss comes out. -_-

Ssizz...God, I love that name! XD I won't ever do her costume though I love it to death. Wow, the Fillmore Emperor? The guy with the onion hat? That's tough. I know someone else who's trying to do that, but has completely given up. Please don't give up! We need more western fss cosplayers!


07-20-2004, 06:09 PM
Ohmigod, another FSS cosplayer!!! And on the west coast! Ok, my day has been made! It seemed like every other FSS cosplayer I've seen/talked to is on the east coast.

I have a Fatima Kyo costume and I am working on Auxo plastic style (I had the bodysuit done and then got sidetracked by other projects). I also want to do Aisha Codante's Mirage Knight uniform or one of the boowray knights (just cause those pin stripe outfits are so ridiculous and I love them to death). =D Oh and Hind Kill too... ok my FSS wish list is just way too long.

I'll totally finish Auxo for yaoi-con if you'll be there!

*happy* ^____^

07-27-2004, 07:37 PM
I'll totally finish Auxo for yaoi-con if you'll be there!

*happy* ^____^YES! *shrieks with glee* I saw your Kyo too! A male friend of mine who is a Fanatic FSS fan...capital F included...practically worships you and your cosplays. It's gorgeous!

Hind Kill is...fun. *laughs* I saw someone trying to do his mask and gave up. The poor guy was furious, he couldn't get the mask right. It look so simple though.

I'm most definitly going as Maximum. I didn't realize I had most everything I needed to make his costume...that and my hair is going to be at the perfect length. I don't need a wig for once and that clinched the deal. XD

Which version of Auxo are you doing? Her Plastic Style? That would be so sweet to see!