View Full Version : FMA skit for AB '05: seeking cosplayers

08-11-2004, 09:01 PM
Kiarrens and I are planning an FMA skit for AB 05's masquerade. If you think you might be interested let either one of us know.

>>"From the minds who brought you "Real World: Gunsmoke" last year... ~_^
I'm hereby organizing THE Full Metal Alchemist skit for Animeboston 2005! (although we probably won't be the only ones, as it'll be super-popular by then.)
ANYWAY, we only have a vague idea about what we're doing at the moment, but I need people to sign up if they're interested in being in our skit! We already have 4 positions taken, but I'd like to get as much of the cast as I can, so here's the list:

Edward Elric: TAKEN
Winry Rockbell: TAKEN
Cosplay Chimera: TAKEN
Alphonse Elric: TAKEN
Roy Mustang:
Major Armstrong:
Riza Hawkeye (w/ or w/o Black Hayate):
Any/all other military personnel/State Alchemists:

I know its early to start planning, but it's better not to procrastinate, right?

08-11-2004, 09:12 PM
I will be cosplaying Riza Hawkeye at Anime Boston ^_^ I'd love to help out!