View Full Version : Cosplay contest observations -- and question.

Finding Beauty
08-12-2004, 03:49 AM
So, having gotten to see the cosplay DVD yesterday -- I didn't get a copy, sadly, since I never figured out where to buy it, but I was visiting someone who did -- after not making it into the actual contest itself (I didn't want to participate, but I did want to watch!), I was fairly interested to see the assortment of skits.

However, I wonder, how often do people actually do serious skits? I mean, I noticed a few -- the Angel Sanctuary group, should any of its members be reading this, was really incredible; I think the choice of music helped make it -- but overall they were humorous ... or just involved fighting or dancing around. (And while the latter worked in some situations, in others it was ... er, slow. To me, anyway.)

Is it that serious skits don't go over as well, or is it just easier to do something funny? I mean, I can suppose audience reaction would have something to do with whether or not you got "hooked" -- but still. But if I did the contest I would actually want to consider doing something serious for the sake of it being different. O_o;