View Full Version : Lonely Bunny fleece pajamas for sale~

12-10-2002, 08:50 PM
What is your purpose? Who are you really? Heck if I know, but I *do*
know you'll look super cute in these Lonely Bunny fleece pajamas!

These pajamas are made from quality anti-pill fleece, available in
dark pink and light pink, just like the Lonely Bunny herself
(selves?). Sleeves can be added for $10 to make em extra snuggly in
either the dress color or light peach, the same color as Lonely
Bunny's arms.

These here are in the dark pink:

These super-kawaii pajamas are $50 + shipping. Email me at cygnenoir@mail.com to work out sizing and payment. I accept PayPal
(prefered), check, and money order.

These make the perfect holiday gift for any Chobits fan! And who
knows, maybe a fellow Chobits will see you in these pajamas, strike
up a conversation, and end up being the only one for you....