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12-10-2002, 09:49 PM
Okay, so I'm working on Horo Horo from Shaman King, and I have an idea of how I think I should do his hair, but I think it'd be good to ask some others what they advise as well. (If you dunno who he is... look at my icon. ^.^)

Horo's got blue, TALL, spikey hair.

I have thick, long, brown/blonde hair. T_T

I plan to have my hair cut to my shoulders, and all, but I am concered because my hair is so freakin' thick. I've decided that the colored hair adhesive would probably be my best bet, but I'm wondering if anyone's used that and could tell me how it went? Or how they went about cosplaying a character with hair like this?

12-10-2002, 10:03 PM
o.o you can try using hair cement and some of that temp spray on colour if you want it like that... but i dun think there's one of a pale blue colour. if your hair is too thick, try it thick first... (-_- i have thick hair too and it's now thinned to spike, but falls over).

Good luck on your Horo Horo Costume and SHAMAN KING RULES!

12-11-2002, 12:31 AM
I don't think you would be able to find a spray on color in that shade of blue. Were you talking about...I think it's made by like Ice...Spikerz or something like that? I've never used it but I doubt with your color hair the color would look as bright. Plus if you sweat the color usually drips off with spray on color, so I would assume it would do the same with that. Or stain your costume.

Either try a wig or bleach then dye your hair blue. DON'T use clothing bleach! Either get hair bleach from a salon retail store like Sally's (a trustworthy friend is also recommended) or go to a salon and get it done. Then wait at least 3 days before you dye it blue. I recommend using Punky Colour as its the only dye I use...but Manic Panic is also good. (Punky Colour smells like grapes!) A good idea to keep in mind is to dye it the final color a week before the con. Otherwise it will rub off on you costume. I sleep with a towel covering my pillow for the first week, otherwise my pillow's all purple!

Oh! And make sure you condition! Especially after you bleach. St Ives makes a good conditioning treatment. Personally I like H'suan Wen Hua from Lush. http://www.lushcanada.com Pricey but worth it. Although since its made fresh and has eggs in it....it only has about a 3 month shelf life. Although you're not going to eat it...so I don't see what the worry would be. They also have other conditioning treatments too. Plus if you live in the US you get a good exchange rate!

I LOVE Lush. I want more to be addicted to all its beauty.