View Full Version : "And I look back and reminisce upon my years... and realized that I wanted a pizza."

06-23-2002, 12:38 AM
Have no fear, I'm still alive! Even if my first jaunt through the field of flowers amoungst here was brief, I do intend on staying. Joy!

Well, times have changed-- I'm now an uncle to a rather bouncing baby boy, and helping play babysitter has unfortunately cut my work time down so that I can help take care of the little spud. Thus, sadly, I'm going to have to announce my withdrawl from attempting to leap into Otakon.

(this is where the crowd goes wild )

However! I'll most likely be able to make Anime Expo NY. Not only is it closer-- it's remarkably cheaper. Round-trip train tickets cost less, I already have a few good friends down there to help make sure I don't get lost... As it stands, after student loan payments, I should have enough to finance my travel plans and registration... and if I pull off a couple of last-minute odd jobs, I could have a nice amount of spending money. *_*

So, yes, it's good to be alive, and it's fun to read the con checklists in the other threads so I make sure I don't forget a bloody thing (I'll make sure to duct tape my toothbrush to the inside of my pack), practice my 'how not to be stupid' list, and ... have fun!