View Full Version : Space Channel 5 group sketch?

08-21-2004, 03:40 PM
Hi all! i was watching tv and a micheal jackson performance came on and i watched and well when i see micheal jackson i now think of space micheal on space channel 5.... and then i came up with an idea! I have a wonderful idea for a space channel 5 skit involving dancing for the masquerade! think of it! =and what music will we use? why micheal jackson hits of course! anyway.. to do it right i was thinking we're gonna need a full cast of 5.. this would include Ulala, Pudding, Space Micheal, the police girl (cant remeber her name), and Jaguar....I would be taking the part of Ulala and i was curious if anyone would be interested in this idea i reqally think it could be somthing rather impressive. Also, im not married to the charac ters i listed if ur a space channel 5 cosplayer of one of the characters i didnt list well im sure we could make it work right? anyway... thats it! please post if your interested or PM me for more details. Thanks everyone ^-^