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08-23-2004, 03:15 PM
A friend of mine posted this on another forum that had to do with modeling but it can come in handy with cosplaying, especially for those who tend to get one stage often or the camera. Hope it helps :)



To get thAT "BOLD LOOK", use three colours of eye shadow appropriate to your skin tone and preferances and follow these steps:

1 - Apply the lighter colour all over the lid area. (eye shadow)

2 - Apply a fine line with an eye pencil close to the lashes on the top lid.

3 - Apply the darker colour above the pencil line for a long lasting and softer look.

4 - Apply the medium colour in the shadow of the eye.


CRINKLY LIPS - To give crinkly lips shine, apply colour, then apply lots of gloss on top. Some petroleum jelly applied at bed time will halp correct the crinkly problem caused by dryness.

UNEVEN LIPS - Balance uneven lips or sharpen those which are too sharp a bow at the centre by outlining the desired shape with a lip pencil. Fill it in with a colour close to the pencil colour.

DROOPY LIPS - Lift them at the corners by first covering lips corners with a conceler stick. Blend well. Then, using a lip pencil, extend your lip corner up and fill in with colour.

FLAT LIPS - Give flat lips a plumper look by applying colour over your entire lips, except at the very center. Fill in the center space with a lighter, shimmering colour, but aim for a subtle look and don't make the line between the two colours look obvious.

FULL LIPS - Apply a foundadtion lips and pencil them just inside your natural lip line. Apply your colour within this line only.

THIN LIPS - Apply foundadtion over the entire lip area. Then outline lips with pencil so that outline extends slightly beyond natural line. Fill the inside of this line with colour.


For a professional manicure, follow these steps

1 - Remove all nail enamel with good nail polish remover.

2 - Shape your nails with an emery board.

3 - Place fingertips in warm soapy water for 3 minutes. Dry gently with a towel.

4 - Apply cuticle remover to cuticle and gently push back cuticle with an orangewood stick.

5- Scrub nails gently but thoroughtly in warm soapy water again. Towel dry.

6 - Buff nails with a nail buffer if you are NOT applying nail polish. Polish will not adhere properly if nails are buffed.

7 - Apply base coat or nail hardner using three long even strokes and allow to dry thoroughtly

8 - Apply 2 coats of nail colour, allowing at least 3 minutes to dry between coats

9 - Spray nail with Enamel Dry and apply moisturizing lotion.