View Full Version : Last Minute CNA

08-24-2004, 05:53 PM
OMG! After finally accepting the fact I was never making it to CNA, my dad decides to have a weekend in Toronto... This weekend! Meaning I can go!

Just wondering, does the pre-registration thing work the same as AnimeNorth? Cause if so, I'm not getting the pre-registration, cause the lines were faster Friday night. I'm hoping there is a different way, due to the website's mention of "No Lineups".

Also, if anyone has any ideas for quick cosplays for a female with brown hair, I'm all ears. My Tohru costume is under construction. :(

08-24-2004, 06:11 PM
The closest thing to pre-registration at CN is buying your ticket online at www.ticketmaster.ca or at any Ticket Master location. The only problem with this is that you pay the exact same price as buying your ticket at the con, PLUS you pay extra service charges as well, which are a few dollars AT LEAST. If you buy your tickets that way you don't have to wait in the regular line, there's a special express line up for that that is actually pretty quick when I did it last time (a friend was buying his ticket that way and I asked him to get mine as well). I'm just not a fan of the extra service charges, we already pay the most for our passes anyways.