View Full Version : Lodoss War for DC

12-12-2002, 08:38 PM
Just got Lodoss War for my Dreamcast from a Secret Santa on another board and all I gotta say is WOW!

The cinema scenes are incredibly good, the music and sound's good and kind afollows an alternate ending to the Lodoss OAV from the little I understand.

12-19-2002, 04:08 AM
I am not a Diablo-style fan at all...at least I thought I wasn't, but this is a lot of fun -- another addictive and long DC game I don't regret owning. (Now Berserk's another matter....that is impossible, even on the easy setting O_o Ack. I'll take my strategy RPGs now, thank you.)

I like how your character isn't as random as he first appears in the beginning, as you find out, that yes, there is a bit of a plot. I have to say that after I finally got Ashuram, I had a hard time keeping him alive, so I kinda lost interest. Keeping your cameo Lodoss peeps from dying doesn't affect the progression oddly enough, but what's the point continuing without him? He's the reason I bought the game in the first place. X_x Oh well, someday I'll come back to it, for it certainly is one of the best games out there if you're in the mood for mass-destruction.

The sound efects in that game, too, are quite amusing, even though they aren't intended to be. And the silly accents everybody has ^_- you can tell where this was localized...