View Full Version : Monty Python play around READY SET GO

09-28-2004, 10:32 PM
Hallo ^^
This is for the great love of Monty Python......
Is anyone is up for it...My friend and I'll be doing a little Whos Line is it anyways, or what we like to call "ready set go MP" just for fun. It where one of my friends or I will play a song, then stop the CD and you have to go on from there spouting out lines along with others. Don't worry We'll be playing the legends most common work (to us thos that's everything) ^^V For secure reasons we wont be playing anything of the bad sorts/ obscure or foul. We'll at least from the CD's or our mouths.
Right now "Ready set go MP" is going to be held in 2 hotel rooms. I'll keep you posed if anything were to change on this.

Hope to see you there.
I hope...^^ I knoe each of you will have a wonderful time at oni-con. *waves* c ya there. *skips away*


Oni-con Cosplay list-
LeeLoo from the Fifth Element
Halliucination Sara from the movie The Labyrinth
Halliucincation Jarth from the movie The Labyrinth
Mokorin from Please Save my Earth
Sally from NBC
Sailor Star Fighter from Sailor Stars