View Full Version : A-kon12-13 pictures

09-29-2004, 09:12 AM
Ummm ua er uaa umm I don't know how to go about asking this....If you have any pictures of me in my Felicia costume with the blue wig from AnimeFest 2002/A-kon13 or any pictures of me in my Sailor Star Fighter costume from A-kon12 could you ever be so kind as to take down those pictures off the web? The modeling agency I'm now with /just got signed over to from Ford has been asking that I go threw and well get rid of any pictures that could hurt/effect the agency or myself. I do love those pictures but if they were to get into the wrong hands...Id just rather that no happen.
*bows very deeply* Id very ever so truly greatful for this.

Thank you ever so much
Please do take care and have a wonderful day and week.