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10-03-2004, 10:43 PM
Hello :)
My name is Sarah I am kind of new here, I went to A-Kon last year with some friend from my home state (Missouri) and I most say for being my first con experince it was a lot of fun. The only thing I regret about is that I was not able to meet very many people. And I thought that would be kind of cool to meet some people and make some friends when going to these little conventions and all. So I thought I would start this little thread and see whom is going to convention and get to know some people off the site. That I could meet up with later on in June.

lol fist of all my plans for A-Kon this comming year as far as costumes go has been pretty wild. I went from having one costume to now planning like three or four
1. Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) I know this is not the easist costume to pull off, but faye is a very big anime role model for me. I love how she stands out and how she is never afraid to speak her mind. Even though she's not really perfect she's a fairly good role model for some like me whom is in their early 20's.
2. Luffy D. Monkey (One Piece) lol I thought I would try my nack at cross dressing as a boy seeing is how I have short chin length dark brown hair, and Luffy's costume is not really that hard to put together. I really feel in love with his character ever since I started reading the manga. lol reminds me a lot of my self if I lived back then, lol I have a feeling I would be that obessed with becoming a pirate also (espically ever since I saw Pirates of The Caribbean..lol I really hope to cosplay as Elizbeth Swann some time in futhure. any Pirates of The Caribbean fans out there?)

3. My last minute costume that I came up with came from watching Resident evil 2, it inspired me to dress as Jill Valentine from the game. I have always been a big fan of Resident Evil and I hear tell that cosplaying from vedio games is a really big thing for people to do. lol and I might be totally wrong on this but I thought that i might have the wright look to pull off the Jill Valentine look anyway lol I could always put up a pic of my self and let you guys decide.

My last costume is a hand mad Kimono that I am working on my self right now. lol I havn't really found a fabric that I like all that much yet to use for it...lol I have been trying to get some advise on just what kind of pattern I should use.
lol but anyway I have bragged on about my self now for wayyy to long soooo nows it your alls turn.

10-03-2004, 11:37 PM
Well that sounds cool. None of my costumes will match any of yours but that doesn't mean we cannot opt for strange pictures. XD

If ye have AIM I am ShikamaruShadow and I would be happy to talk to anybody new on there. If not, email always works. Pleased to meet you. ^^

I am a girl who crossplays 99.9% of the time just for first information about myself. ^^


10-05-2004, 11:50 PM
Pirates are the epitome of awesome. Did you catch a glimpse of the Jack Sparrow wandering around Akon last year?