View Full Version : Street Fighter Rolento cosplay would he be recognized?

10-05-2004, 05:26 PM
I'm thinking about creating a Rolento costume, cause he is one of the few characters I can think of in game and anime that uses a bo/staff as a weapon (a weapon that I have trained with for 4 years), and that is relatively easy to make. However, I was wondering since he is an underused character, would anyone recognize who he is? I'm thinking about making it for next years AWA 11. Here are the other anime/game charactes I know of who use a bo.

1. Soul Calibur 1/2: Kilk (would be first choice, but costume is hard to make)

2. Streetfighter series: Rolento

3. Dragon Ball Z: Goku

Aslo would love some suggestions on any other character that uses the bo/staff I could cos as. I also studied 2 years with escrima sticks, but I don't know anyone in anime that uses em...

P.s. I do not want to crosscosplay

10-06-2004, 12:10 PM
I've seen Rolento cosplay before and it's pretty recognizable, I think. Capcom fans would be happy with you for doing a less cosplayed character. ^^

Kilik's got quite a few costumes though, and some of the alternates might be easier for you to put together maybe.

10-06-2004, 02:50 PM
oooh Escrima is SEXY!!!! XD are you Pinoy? (i'm sterotyping here, ehehe) Rolento would definately be recognized, at the least as "someone from Street Fighter" I'm with Michi though that Kilik should remain your first choice, just because he's the sexiest on your list there (i'm biased, bite me x.x)

characters that use Escrima/Doce Pares?? Closest thing off the top of my head are people who use Tonfa, like Okina in Rurouni Kenshin... There's a couple of double sword users but that's even farther from... Would you consider trading the Escrima sticks for war-fans? Sure they're lighter and all, but I remember something about the actress in Mortal Combat who played (name escapes me, but she used fans, she's like a main character.. gah, i'm retarded) studied escrima to get techniques down for realism.. And there's more characters who use war fans...

sadly Escrima isn't as well known in martial arts outside of.. i dunno.. RP, London, the east coast here in the states, spain/portugal?? (going off of experience here)

10-07-2004, 11:29 AM
Rolentod doesn' use hte bo does he? i've always thought his weapon was a bataon?