View Full Version : I need to get robe velour fabric online, fast!!!

06-30-2002, 11:07 PM
Does anyone know a good online store for fabric? I need a sort of dark blue shade of robe velour, but the local fabric store says its out of season and won't stock it, and I can't find any online stores that have it! Does anyone know a good place to get fabric? Or another sort of fabric that's close to robe velour?

Thanks x10000 in advance.. Cause if I can't find this fabric, I'll have to start the entire costume over from scratch with a different kind of fabric.. Which I really don't wanna do, I'm running out of time before Otakon @_@


Sin Girl
07-01-2002, 10:34 AM

LycraFab (http://www.lycrafab.com/230.htm)

If you can't find it anywhere, email me and I will see if I can find some for you. I have a freind in the fabric district who is always findind fabric for me.


07-03-2002, 12:31 PM
Hey wow thanks a lot!!!!!!!! :D

But actually, a new fabric store just opened in my area, so if they don't have it there, I'll get back to you!!

Thanks a lot!!!!!!! :D