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11-17-2004, 11:12 PM
Ok, I have a few questions, about how I would make this costume. [not sure yet but I want to weigh my options.

#1. What is you suggested matterial to make the topper for the weopon with? I'm leaning towards wood.

#2. What do you think I should make that large glass thingy out of?

#3. What do you think I should use to make the little jewels on his forehead?

#4. How hard would you rate this costume to be for someones first costume? 1-10

#5. What should I use to make the Green makings on his face? I was kinda thinkin about using a permanent marker.

#6. What should I make the boots out of?

#7. For the wig, could I just get a normal one and die it blue?

Thats about it, any other helpful hints ,tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated! O yeah ,and it's great to see, err... look at the posts of all of you guys again.[left for a while] Also do you think that I would be able to get this costum completed by February,13th? I nee it to be finished by Numa-Rei No-Con. ;)

11-18-2004, 05:56 PM
Well...I was considering making an Elk costume..So I'll give you my suggestions.

1: Wood is good. Cause it's not as expensive as plastic. You can use a Broom stick if you want.
2:Make that out of a big Styrofoam ball, you can buy one at a hobby store. Remember to spray paint it.
3: Just go to either a craft store and buy a bag of jewels, or go to a gem show and buy a bag of jewels. You can even use "fake" plastic jewels as well.
4: Hmm...it really depends if people would recognize you or not. Most likely..people will.
5: Err...don't use a permenant marker...Use something that will easily wash away later. Unless you want to continuosly rub your face to make the marks go away.
6: You have 2 options... 1: Buy the boots at a Costco, they should be selling them over there. I should know, cause I have a pair of my own. 2: Add material to a pair of shoes that you already own, and shape it to make it look like his.
7:Wigs are expensive...Use Temporary Hair Color, besides...you're gonna be wearing a hat for most of the time, so you don't have to worry about it that much.

Well...Good luck with your costume, I hope my advice helps you. :bigtu:

11-18-2004, 08:21 PM
Disclaimer: I made a Tsukasa costume, not an Elk one, but they're basically the same costume :P.

1) When you say topper, I assume you mean the top part of the staff. In that case, my GOODNESS don't make it out of anything as heavy as wood! Remember you're going to be carrying this thing around all day! I would suggest styrofoam overlaid with papier mache. . .or fibreglass if you feel ambitious. There are good tutorials for both types around cosplay.com, if you run a search.

2) The crystal ball on Tsukasa/Elk's outfit is one of the things I have yet to figure out. You need something that is transparent and lightweight. My bf ended up using a styrofoam ball painted red for his staff, but it wasn't all that great-looking.

3) Forehead? I assume you mean the jewels on his hatband. I made them from Sculpey and painted them with pearlescent (sparkly) paints.

4) I don't know what I'd rate it. . .Tsukasa took me no more than 15 hours (if you don't count remakes of certain parts), and it was one of the easiest costumes I have ever made. Then again, I had enough sewing knowledge at the time to make everything except the hoodie without a storebought pattern. I think you have enough time to make the costume by February. . .just set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Say, take one weekend to make the pants, the next for the skirt, etc, etc. . .as long as you're not rushing the weekend before the con trying to finish it, you'll be fine.

5) MY GOODNESS don't use a permanent marker. My Tsukasa gets very hot very easily. . .we tried a bunch of stuff and decided that an eyeliner pencil stays on the longest without smudging. It might be difficult to find an eyeliner pencil in green though. . .you might want to try a party supply store (like Party City) and see if they have any leftover face paint.

6) I made bootcovers that strap over my bf's shoes. . .make sure you use a nice stiff material. Felt might be a good choice, or duck cotton. Those are nice and stiff without being hard to sew.

7) Dyeing wigs is a difficult process. But you can do any number of things:
+ Temporarily dye your hair, which almost always comes off on your clothes and ruins them.
+ Buy a China Girl wig from the cosplay.com shop, in Light Blue. A "Light Blue" color on wigs usually denotes a light teal-ish color, but it's pretty close and probably your easiest option. If you don't like the curl on the end of the wig, it would be very easy to either straighten it or cut the curl off.
+ Buy a white wig and use Katie Bair's Powder Blue wig dye. That would be a more exact route, but obviously more expensive. Still, I think Katie said that color was specially made just for Rei Ayanami and Elk!

Good luck! I have pictures of the Tsukasa costume I made in my gallery, just so you know I'm not talking outta my butt XD.

11-18-2004, 11:39 PM
OK, thanx for all the suggestions! I am going to use a green washable marker for face thingys I tested it! and for the wig , I already have that part I'm going to permanently die the wig and put it directly into the hat!