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12-24-2002, 02:11 PM
Who's good here at making props and can help me with something? I'm making Alucard's guns from Hellsing and i just need somebody to tell me how you would make them. help me please...it's a matter of life and having ultra cool props..

12-24-2002, 02:13 PM
here's the other gun...

12-24-2002, 02:26 PM
There was a weapons tutorial on here a while ago. If the person who posted that could post it again it'd help. I don't make weapons so I can't help you. Sorry. But their was a tutorial at one point in time.. anyone have the link still?

By the way, Alucard? Yea! *thumbs up* I love him.

12-24-2002, 03:33 PM
Hmm..I've made only one prop; a Summoning Rod for Yuna... I eventually WILL be making guns for the X-2 costume...

I would go to a toy store and see what kind of guns can be found... or if a local arcade has some old shooter machine they'd be willing to let you tear the guns off of, lol. They don't need to be exact, but both of those weapons seem to have unusually large barrels. Once you buy them, they can be modified with plastic, wood, paint, clay, and the like.

I really wouldn't reccomend starting from scratch since you're a beginner... hmmm... if I think of anything I'll get back to you.

Space Invader
12-24-2002, 03:47 PM
Try making them out of blocks of wood. Preferably something like balsa 'casue it's easy to carve into smoothly... Sand them down nice and paint, no fiberglass or plastic required. I would recommend making the barrel and the handle parts seperately and them screwing them together or something of the like.

12-25-2002, 08:13 AM
Originally posted by !*Jessi-Chan*!
Who's good here at making props and can help me with something? I'm making Alucard's guns from Hellsing and i just need somebody to tell me how you would make them. help me please...it's a matter of life and having ultra cool props..

Hmmm... that looks like a .45 caliber gun with an extended barrel. You can do the following:

1) If you can, buy a model BB gun or any cheap plastic .45 gun ( i dont know if its legal to buy toy guns that look like the real thing in your area).

2) extend the barrel using illustration board, with the black back part showing.

3) Then for the signature on the barrel, try to scan an anime magazine of the gun, then have it printed out. glue it on the side then slobber the whole thing in Elmers glue to get that shiney effect.

4) After the glue dries, accent it using metallic grey spraypaint, or metallic knight black.


If you cant buy the BB model gun you have to do it from scratch.

1) get a peice of styrofoam and carve the gun handle and trigger. leave an inch of the top part for barrel attachment later. slobber the whole styro in Elmer's glue.

2) cut the styro into a rectangular box similar to hellsing extended gun barrel.

3) attach barrel and handle together.

4) print out via pc the signature design for the barrel and glue to barrel.

5) again cover the whole thing in Elmer's glue. spray paint with metallic black for added effect.

enjoy! I got the attachments as illustrated instruction. not much but hope you get it. ^__^

12-25-2002, 08:14 AM
Heres the other option with the styro (the start from scratch option). check the attachment for instructions. good luck!


12-25-2002, 10:35 PM
whew! thanx you've all helped a lot!

12-25-2002, 11:43 PM
This is a little complicated, and it's a kit actually. But you can see the parts layout and use it as a reference.

Ferio's Hellsing Jackal

12-26-2002, 12:50 AM
Actually the specific model of .45 caliber weapon you're looking at is a very modified Colt 1911A. Often imitated, as it's the original (and most proliferous) automatic handgun in existence, and a smooth shooting weapon to boot. A good reference image can be found at


Enjoy ^_^

Edit: Doh, forgot to include that the KIT (which might be more accurate) is modified from a Beretta 92F, which is a 9mm instead of .45 and again I include another reference page...


Which they ACTUALLY modeled if after, I'm not sure... the kit LOOKS pretty accurate, so more likely the 92F. Of course, the REALLY tricky gun to track down was figuring out what Vash's (Trigun) revolver was modeled after since I've NEVER seen anything like it, so compared to that Alucard's guns were a piece of cake, hehehe...

Giant Alucard
01-14-2003, 08:51 AM
you could do all these things. I am also going to cosplay as alucard. to make it easier, just go to ebay and buy the premaid models (both). They even come with the series.

01-14-2003, 10:43 AM
I can't tell you how much I want the real gun... Alucard has THE best gun ever (not really but I like it and am a fanboy).

01-14-2003, 06:40 PM
i have a bad feeling alucard is going to be the next vash -.-

everyone wants to cosplay him now

but i want to buy the models of ebay too, that would probly be your best bet

01-14-2003, 07:21 PM
Yea, but i'm a broke 15 year old..........so that is completly out. I do dream about the guns! Alucard is my bishie of the month! :-) Vash was last month......i see a pattern......Spike was the month before......and the month before that....some other Gun weilding guy!

01-14-2003, 07:39 PM
For guns from anime series, go here:


I believe they also have Alucard's guns, just look in the galleries.

Eventhough it's in Japanese, they provide handy illustrations on how they make the gun (*very* handy when you're looking for details and tips).