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01-04-2005, 07:14 PM
Hello, hello everyone. For those of you that went to Anime Day, and Itzacon, you might be familiar with our group, Sweet Tea (http://www.iwannabeapirate.com/sweettea) which is primarily a gathering of North Texas EGL enthusiasts. We had our group debut at Anime Day 2004 and we'll be at A-kon as well! We'll be running a few events centered around Elegant Gothic Lolita/Sweet Lolita/etc fashion in and outside of the J-rock room, and we're extremely excited.

I've already done a bit of asking around on various livejournal communities etc, but I thought I'd stick a post out here asking a feww questions so that we can tailor our activites to best suit the interests of those that will be there.

We've been asked to run the picnic/tea as well as arrange some panels and stuff at A-kon. What's we're looking at planning right now is a tea (possibly inside the Mall of the Americas place, perhaps with some Ice Skating to cool us off on the hot summer day?) which might include some pointers in Victorian Manners. We also have two ideas for panels. The first would be about throwing one's own EGL tea party. Ideas for recipes, locations, activities etc- because everyone loves a party. ^^ The second would be about how to create an EGL/EGA/SL outfit on a budget.

We're also planning on having an activity workshop- where people can come and make a beaded crown.

What we're looking for right now are any suggestions on other panets that people might be interested in, or definitely not interested in. So please, I'd love to hear some feedback!