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Xx Lulu xX
12-29-2002, 06:00 PM
Where can i get it?? Im in middlesex county in NJ, is there any place relativly close to me that i can get some? Oh, if you're wondering its for a Starlight costume

12-29-2002, 06:16 PM
If you want info on Vinyl <dunno about the locations> I would recommend our dahling Rosiel.

She's the Vinyl Queen!

12-29-2002, 07:38 PM
Velvetfabric (http://shop.store.yahoo.com/velvet-fabric/index.html) carries all sorts of vinyl.. though, I haven't ordered anything from them, so I can only endorse their selection ^^

12-29-2002, 09:00 PM
spandexhouse.com has vinyl for the best price i've seen. some say that it's a bad place to order from, but i've ordered from there countless times and i've never had a problem.

Miaka No Baka
12-30-2002, 09:38 PM
I heard spandex house's vinyl was really cheap and crappy and the stuff peels away from the backing. I think rosiel was saying something about that...

Miaka no Baka