View Full Version : HELP! YUGIOH(Marik and Yami Marik)

01-16-2005, 04:01 PM
Me and my friend are being in a YuGiOh group as Yami Marik and Marik can someone please support pictures and help to finding parts for our costumes/making them? Most needed is on the staff and hair(need wigs).

01-16-2005, 07:14 PM
<--- check my gallery for a picture of my Malik costume

the cosplay.com wig store might have a wig that would be good. just look around for one you think would be easy for you to work with.

I can’t give you really good instructions on the mill. rod, because I'm still trying to get mine right. But for a start, you need a wooden dowel rod from a home improvement store and a wooden Ball from a craft store, gold spray paint, clay for detail, like the eye and the rings around the staff part as well as the point on the bottom, (I know people have made the "wings" out of clay as well, so you can try it) and some strong super glue and wood glue.

Costume for Yami Malik:
Pair of kaki colored cargo pants and a black sleeveless shirt as well as purple fabric to make the “cape”

As for pictures: (the Yami no Malik ones are the best pictures I have of Yami Malik’s hair)