View Full Version : Masquerade Costume Contest Senshi!

01-31-2005, 07:06 PM
Okay this confusion has got to stop.

I think I confused your Saturn and my Jupiter is driving me nuts asking who is going to come. Or at least in one conversation only she did till she calmed down. But she got me wondering.
I want a rolls call of who's coming. Not who yeah I know my Saturn is coming. I want you to turn around.
You: "Pluto are you coming?"
Your Pluto: "Me? NO Way! Stages are the slimy I'm not going it."
You: "Sorry Mars, Pluto is not coming."
Me: "Okay."

Me again : *Grabs Paper with Masquerade Contest written on it marks Pluto off*

Yey! Alright. So ask everyone and I'll see what's up.

I asked my groups from what they have told me.
Venus as brought ticket and she is dedicated. She won't lick the stage floor dedicated but she's ready to dance to mambo if I ask her. ^^ And Jupiter's make plans for her ticket and getting reference picture.

I know Tasuki and co are busy with Katsucon so no rush. ^_^ Just get around to it when you can.