View Full Version : Need roommates(you contribute 50 a night)

02-25-2005, 11:15 PM
I am planning to make it to Dragoncon.I have a room reserved at Super 8 and the Hyatt.I want to stay at the Hyatt but I am not sure I will be able to afford it.

I need at least one room mate.I can take two but they woud have to take turns slleeping on the bed and the floor,or pay for a rollaway bed.

I need to knock off at least 50 dollars a night to afford to stay at the Hyatt.

My only requirements are the person(persons)be 18 or older,staying at leat 4 nights and not bothered by sharing a room with a male to female transgendered person.

If someone who is coming in on Thursday or staying Monday and leaving Tuesday would like to reduce the money they spend on their hotel room and crash that night(s) in a cheaper room and the roommate(s) I find stay the 4 nights I require but not all five nights that would be cool too.

If you chose to share a room you will be asked to chip in 50 dollars a nite(150 for all five nights).

I will need the money the day you get there before I give you a keycard to the room.