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01-05-2003, 01:01 AM
Do you write? Great at hunting down info on the net? Can you shoot film like nobody's business? Then M:C wants you!

We're currently looking to add to our staff. All staff positions are open. As a staffperson, you'll be responsible for writing for or gathering information for one section on the main site. We're looking for people who can write articles on cosplay, track down resources and sites that we can link to, or even photograph and detail con reports!

Though none of these are paid positions, there are some benefits. *^^* You'll have moderator status in the forum section you staff (or the closest thing to), you'll have your bio up on the staff page on the main site, and you'll have a yourname@methodcosplay.com email alias! ^^

Here are the positions:

Staff Writer:
You will write articles for one section of the main site. Coherent writing and English skills are absolutely necessary. Please send a short writing sample with your application. You will be responsible for three articles through a 12 month period (one every four months). You may write more as you feel necessary.

Staff Researcher:
You will research links for one section of the main site. Web searching skills are a must. You will be responsible for 12 new links though a 12 month period (one per month, or two every two months). You may research more as you feel necessary.

Staff Photographer/Con Coverage:
You will take pictures and write a small article on any con you visit. The ability to get photographs into digital form is necessary; you must have your own scanner or digital camera. Only one con per year is required, but the report must be in no later than two weeks after the end of the con.

There are an unlimited number of spots open for each of the positions. Interested? Please send:

Your name AND alias
Your email
Your location (general state/province is acceptable)
Your website (if you have one)
The type of position you'd like
What section you'd like to work in
Why do you want to be on staff at M:C? (Please write a short paragraph or two)
If applying for Staff Writer, please send a small article on a topic of your choice (preferably relating to cosplay or other anime/manga activities)

Please send your applications to admin@methodcosplay.com. Your application will be reviewed by the administrators and we'll get back to you within two weeks. ^^ Thanks!

We're also looking for Japanese translators for articles in differenct languages.