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03-10-2005, 02:58 PM
Hello Everyone!

We’re pleased to announce the 2005-year guest line-up, this year we’ve mixed it up a bit with some returns and some new guests! Our theme this year will be focusing mostly on the artwork (i.e. Manga, Web-comics, Games, and Animation), even our voice-acting guest for this year all have art and animation backgrounds!

Enough with the babbling and on with the list, I will start with the returns! :)

Guest Returns

Les Major – Artist / Animator / Game Creator[/I]

New Guests

Samantha Inoue Harte - Voice Actor / Animator
Scott Ramsoomair - Artist / Web-Comic

Guest suggestions from here on in for voice actors will become consideration for next year. No more invites will be sent out for this year but, we’re still looking for `fan guests`, so if you and/or your group has a special talent or want to be part of our live ‘stage’ programming this year let our programming director Josh Cooper know at JoshC(at)northernanime.ca, we would love to have you!

If you got any questions let me know, I check the forums daily.


Brianne Siddall -CANCELED- May 29th 2005,

I regret to inform you all that Brianne Siddall will not be able to make it to Northern Anime Festival due to conflicting work schedule, Brianne Siddall sends her apologies to everyone who was looking forward to seeing here again this year as she was looking forward to sharing her insight of the industry with you all.

Thank you for your understanding.


05-30-2005, 10:05 AM
above post edited, b/c of a cancelation.