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03-16-2005, 08:44 PM
I had some ideas for this year's Anime Detour that didn't have time to come to fruition, and after the con, my friends and I had other ideas that could make a future con really neat too. I don't know whether or not I'll be at Detour next year, since a year is a long ways out, but I wanted to give the suggestions to someone and see if others like the ideas too. Maybe if I can't get involved and help these things happen, but others like the ideas, they'll step up and help make them happen.
I wasn't sure where to put these ideas, or who to give them to, so they're ending up here. I hope someone reads them here!

I suggested an Anime Garage sale before the con. It's kind of a smaller, short-duration dealer's room for people to sell/trade/buy old stuff. It can be set up a lot like an artist's alley, and could work well especially in hours when the dealer's room isn't open. The con I went to that had this charged $10 a table for people to use, and everyone made that much back in seconds. It also gave the con a little extra revenue for the next year.

Another idea my friends and I thought of after the con, came from seeing the fan's view guy set up for photos in the artist alley. There really aren't many places to take pictures without a crowd of people in the background. What if there was an area set up by the con, or a few tiny areas, with simple, painted backgrounds for photo-ops in reasonably lit places? It would cut down on photo trafic in hallways, since costume-wearers and photo takers, would likely prefer the lovely backdrop to dark, crowded rooms and halls. In addition, bunches of people could get involved in the con BEFORE it occurs by painting these backgrounds. Those volunteers, by getting involved early and meeting other volunteers, might be more likely to help out AT the con as well. I know I would have wanted to volunteer more if I knew others who were running/helping with the con.

Eventually, it would be neat to see detour be able to bring an out-of-country guest to the con. (expensive, difficult, I know. This maybe years and years down the line, but the con is growing quickly.) Just thought I'd toss out the almost unreachable wish of a con-goer... ^_^ *innocent smile*

Another idea, and this one may be met with some opposition: The con suite this year offered really nice food, but also smelled putrid. (I didn't think it was as bad as some others said it was, but it certainly didn't smell fresh and clean.) What if the con-suite offered only snacks, and non-messy/smelly foods, while there was also an anime-con cafe in a more open area. That cafe could offer nice, cheap food that could be considered real sustinance. The hotel a-la-carte thing at detour this year would be a good example of a basic layout, but maybe with some benches to sit at or something nearby. That could help the con gain some extra $ for funding the next year, and it would be convenient for con-goers to get real food at, instead of having to trek out across town for sustinance, or waiting for another pot of rice to be made in a crowded con-suite. It would be nice it the food were free, but giving the con financial boosts might not be bad for future con-going too.

Lastly, I might have missed it, but was there any Karaoke at this con? A Kareoke competition would be fun, if it wasn't done. If it was, and I missed it, then big-time advertising of it, because not everyone was aware it was there. It's hard dragging the little schedule booklet around everywhere, so I missed a few things, but I'd hate to have missed something really neat.

Okay, that's about all the ideas I had. Anyone else have ideas? Or thoughts on these?

03-16-2005, 09:01 PM
Eeee, karaoke would be FUN. I was also thinking about an origami panel. That'd be fun!! ^___^
XD I'm such a dork.

Zell dincht
03-16-2005, 09:06 PM
i agree with it too can't object but isn't kinda hard to do all that, i know you said down the line for the one thing and such but if this formed during the year it'd rule

03-16-2005, 09:13 PM
wow smart Ideas for the pic backdrops!! I was trying to think of other things too, I cant right now but they will eventually pop in my head!

03-17-2005, 10:51 AM
Wow, you guys are thinking along the same lines as I am! I was thinking that an anime garage sale or swap meet would be a great idea...we've all got stuff--anime, CD's, toys, even costumes--that we don't really care for or want anymore, but that someone else might really want, and it would be much easier to find a good new home at an anime convention than it is at a garage sale in the average suburban neighborhood :).

Also, I was thinking that an origami panel would be a great idea...if I ran it, it would probably be more like "Origami for Dummies" since I'm not an expert, but I do enjoy it.

I think that they tried to have "official photo areas" (against blank walls) at the first AD and people mostly ignored them, so it doesn't surprise me that they didn't bother this year. Do you really want to be dragged back to the same spot every time someone says that they like your costume and want a picture? It's easier, IMO, to just snap the picture right there and move along.

I think that the hotel might object to us selling food, since we would then be in competition with their restaurant, etc. I know that my husband and daughter enjoyed the brat/hot dog stand, but I didn't see too many other people eating there. More variety there would have been nice. More available seating (for eating or whatever) in that area would have been wonderful!

Karaoke would be awesome, too.

03-17-2005, 01:20 PM
Yeah, the consuite smelled pretty awful. >_< Consuites don't usually smell good, but that seemed a bit worse than usual. Not a big complaint, but I noticed it, too. =D

A "garage sale"? That would be really cool. It'd be nice to find used stuff a bit cheaper than the dealer's room offers.

Karaoke would be fun, too... you have some good ideas. =)

03-17-2005, 03:08 PM
Good point, animaniac, about the "official photo areas." People are likely to ignore a set place for photos. But I do think it's still a good idea to have areas for better pic taking rather than just in crowded halls. What if there was something like what the fan's view guy had in a big room where people were likely to gather with 2 or 3 simple backgrounds, and then some others located at corners in halls, away from trafic. That way, they wouldn't be far away, and people wouldn't be dragged back to the same place all the time.
To further elaborate, you could have a 'starry sky' background in one corner, a sunset mountain in another, a starburst "pow" (like old comics) on the side of a wide hallway with less trafic, and maybe an old tokyo street background near a panel room. The backgrounds could be generic enough to look good with almost any costume, but also would make photos more diverse, and offer costumers new ideas for poses, while still helping to keep clotted hallways to a minimum. (though I know some people will still snap photos as quick as they can, whenever/wherever they can.) It's just an idea. Could be more trouble than it's worth, but it could also be fun.

An extremely crowded con in Japan (Comiket) only allows photos in one area of the con. It's stricly forbidden elsewhere. There's never anyone clotting halls, because they can't. Of course, it's also a pain in the bum to get pics of the costumes you see, and the costume area itself is too crowded to get good pics in too. Let's hope no con here ever has to put in an awful and restricting rule like that. :P A little hall clotting never hurt anyone that much anyway. ^_^

Oh! And an origami panel sounds like fun too. Anything that people can DO and get involved in is 100x better than one where you just sit and listen. Activities are good! At least, they are in my book.