View Full Version : I'm a cosplay n00b... I need help! ;_;

07-13-2002, 02:40 AM
Okie dokie... me and my two (guy) friends (I'm a girl) want to cosplay as these characters from Utena:

Our cosplay pic (a collage sort of thing) (http://www.layer-infinity.net/plum/pictures/cosplay2.jpg)

We could use help with ANYTHING. Costume patterns, wigs, shoes, whatever. This is our first costume making-thingy, so we thought these were simple enough. My mother can help with sewing, and if she can't find good patterns, we can ask my aunt. We need wigs for the girl with curly hair and the one with bangs, but not the one with ponytail. One of my friends is 14, and me and the other are 13 (but he'll be 14 by the time we go to the con). This means we'll be just a bit older than the actual characters (Keiko, Aiko, Yuuko).

Also, I think I'll be taken seriously, but can guys pull off crossdressing very often? Believe me, they look feminine enough. >_o Heh heh. Anyway, any help is appreciated. Thanks! ^_^

07-13-2002, 04:34 PM
Having never done an Utena cosplay (yet) i can only offer a few basic tips -- the pleated skirt pattern can be found in just about any catalogue, and you may be able to find a blouse pattern as well -- many tiems you will not find the exact pattern you need anyd you will have to modify the pattern or improvise -- when in doubt do a mock-up out of that cheap white cotton muslin to see how things will work before you use the real fabric.

And lots of guys crossplay (crossdress) so don't worry about that! If they are comfortable then by all means go for it! Good luckl!

07-17-2002, 12:44 PM
Patterns: You can check out a lot of patterns at Simplicity, McCalls, etc. websites. But if you have a Joanns or a similar type of fabric store near you go there, look through their book for a similar pattern or patterns that feature similar attributes that you can use from both. A lot of pattern catalogues have school girl outfits now so it just might be a combination of 1,2 or how ever many patterns.

Wigs: You want natural looking good quality wigs-aka no wal-mart pieces of junk. And yes, they will cost you a pretty penny to get them but they'll last longer and a good wig can always be used again.

Shoes: Try payless, if you can't find any similar ones there, try a local uniform shop.

Pleated Skirts: Be very careful on the construction of these-their very easy to mess up.

Fabric: Try to find a color closest to what you want, also, please, stay away from shiny fabric-their school uniforms not party gowns. Look for sturdy, durable fabric, and make sure you can't see your hand through it other wise you'll have to make it for double thickness-which is just aggrivating.

Crossdress: I've seen pictures of guys who've done better cosplay then chicks dressed as the same thing.

Good Luck!