View Full Version : I really need help on this! How do you make giant shoes? O_o

01-07-2003, 09:53 PM
Please give me a suggestion! I'm cosplaying as Sora in 4 months and I need the ideas so I'll be prepared! Thanks!:bouncer:

01-08-2003, 03:30 PM
you know what they say about people with big shoes...they wear big socks!!! XD HEHEHAHHAHA!!

Hrm....for my Lime costume ( and my cousins Cherry ) we had to make somewhat big shoes...I really would've liked them to be bigger but they were a comfortable size. ^-^ ( u can go to my gallery to see... )

we made them by first getting a pair of 'old lady runners' which were on clearance at zellers for 2$ !!! HEHEHAHA!!

then we made our way to fabricland and bought a chunk of 1.5inch thick foam sheet ( SO EXPENSIVE for FOOOOOAM! WTH!? )

we cut it in a pattern ... [EDIT] heheaha. the original post was crappy and my little ascii art of how to do it didn't quite work. go HERE HERE HERE for GOOD GOOD instructions...err....sorry i cant draw on paint either ^-^;;; KEEP READING ON!!


the toe of the shoe...goes where it says 'toe' obviously...^^;;

side 1 and side 2 are wrapped along the sides to make them bigger, and the top is folded down making the top of the shoe HUGE. then, secure everything in place with massive amounts of hot glue and staples and cover it in fabric. ^_^

to make the shoes even bigger, you could try putting a couple layers of foam on them. after they're sized accordingly, wrap the material you want over the top and secure it to the bottom. it's good to cover the bottom with a slab of material too, to give it a 'sole-y' look instead of 'fabric-staple-glue-mess' look. ^-^;; it also adds massively to the comfort level ^-^

be careful when you're making them though, that they're turning out to be the same size and shape! ^-^

also try them on a LOT in between making them. covering them with foam, staples, glue and material DO constrict the stretchiness and make them somewhat difficult...err...VERY difficult to get on. ( took about 3-7 minutes X_x ) it's better if you buy the 'base' shoes a couple sizes bigger than what you need. im a size 7-8 and my cousin is a 7, she got a size 9 and i got a 10. X_X and they were STILL hard to get on!

it took me about 45 minutes per shoe while only burning myself 28 times! V^-^;;;;;

hope that was helpful! ^0^

have fun! and good luck! ^________________^

Limeyaku - the shoe-elf