View Full Version : Western Canada Anime Campout

04-01-2005, 03:41 AM
So this idea has been floating though my mind for a while now. We meet friends at Cons and then we all go back too our citys untill we meet the friends again next year at the con again so. I have this thing about Cosplayers is just one big Dressed up family, and family's have get to gethers.

Its still in the making but we are planning a 4 day 3 night campout. Probabaly be in Devon, just like outside of edmonton. Huge great camp site. So everyone would bring a tent or trailer or sleep in the cabbins there and during the day you have so much time too meet all these people you only ever see at cons. We would have, of course, Games too play...like Pin the Tail on the Bishonen, Sharrades with Anime Chars and all, Its still in the works it would be for the summer of 2006 more then likely, I just wanted too hear everyones thoughts on it.

For Legal reasons there would be an age limit on who can go without the Parent or legal Guardian comming with them. Probably like no younger then 13 or something, we are still thinking about that becase we don't know the avrage age of the cosplayers around here.

Anywhere, Thats the thought, now I want your thoughts, segestions.. all that great stuff.

☆Skull Rabbit☆
04-06-2005, 01:56 AM
I think it sounds good. Having it in devon is convenient seeing as its not too far away :D But if I did go I would have to camp with someone as I have ZERO camping shiznat. And hopefully it isn't like the first and last time I've gone camping and rain :D

We could make them octopus weenies. Thats right I said WEENIES! Weiner.