View Full Version : Spirited Away reference help!!

04-12-2005, 12:49 PM
A while ago, a friend of mine lent me the Spirited Away DVD, and while watching through the extras I saw a page of concept art of Sen (Chihiro) dressed in her "underclothing," or what went under her pink uniform thingy while she worked in the bathouse. It was all white, and looked a little bit like a halter top and shorts. I would like my Sen costume to be as accurate as possible, so I'm using some extra white fabric I have left over from another costume to make Sen's underclothing. But the problem is that I can't get the DVD back for reference, nor can I find an picture of Sen in her underclothing anywhere! T-T Does anyone have any reference pictures that seem to fit what I just described? I saw it a while ago so my description might be vague and/or not very accurate...