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Maximum Maxwell
01-10-2003, 02:15 PM
Hi Everyone, Happy new year! I've updated the AN2002 Feature on my media site with 3 new clips.

- Interviews 'Round The Con 2: A bit of a tour of the con with more interviews from Cosplayers.

- Masquerade Parts 1 and 2: Finally, coverage from the big show. The first of many parts coming.


Just to let everyone know clip updates are going to be slower and may stop after Febuary 15th since I'm on a very tight schedule and have other projects to get to. If there are any cosplayers out there in the 2002 Masquerade who want to see themselves in an upcoming clip, let me know asap by e-mailing me. I am editing footage in the order of the show. So if you were one of the last ones to go on, you may want to contact me if you want to see yourself in a clip.

My e-mail is: maxmaxwell@kmaxmedia.com

Enjoy, MaxMaxwell