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04-24-2005, 03:15 PM
Okay, this is a thread for people to talk about the differences and in their opinon which they feel is better and so forth.


-NO mentioning conventions. I don't want people to battle it out on who's better by mentioning the convention themselves.
-NO swearing, flaming, SPAM, Off topic posts. Like all the other Discussion threads
-State and reply to opinons in a friendly, professional level. With factual information to back it up.
- Can be a person who attends American or Canadian conventions
-No influencing people. Yes these will make people choose on which to attend but that doesn't mean start trying to make your opinon influencal.

Okay, only post here if you got something SMART to say, no BS SPAM, I LOVE SO-So stuff, this is for a smart conversation between people. OKay...Discussion START:

04-24-2005, 03:57 PM
-NO mentioning conventions. I don't want people to battle it out on who's better by mentioning the convention themselves.

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand the point of this thread. Especially if there's no mentioning conventions, because the conventions -are- our arguments.

There are pros and cons of both large and small conventions. Does it really matter?

Not to mention, no matter what kind of rules you put in, threads like these always go insane... =P

Amy the Yu
04-24-2005, 03:57 PM
Large, Canadian cons.

From attending both American and Canadian cons, I've found that Canadian ones tend to be much more social, even though on average they're not as large. Social is good since I find that friends can make or break a con for me.

Large cause more friends from all over are willing to make the trip over, so I can see more friends that I don't usually get to see much of outside of cons.

However, the large American cons sure are nice for freebies, and we all know how great freebies can be. XD

And by large, I mean high attendance counts, not how many square feet the convention takes up.

04-24-2005, 04:30 PM
I'm a fan of smaller cons. Mainly because in the past I've made or gotten to know friends that way. ^_^ Generally, with most larger cons it's hard to find time to just hang out with people since you or they could be busy doing all the things that cons have to offer.

04-24-2005, 05:14 PM
I like both, but for different reasons each. The smaller cons are better for socializing, as they are usually less spread out over an area, so its easier to find people. On the down side, smaller conventions usually = less people in attendance, so less chance of *all* your friends being there, but a better chance to meet new people. ^_^

I like larger cons because they usually have more events and programing to keep me occupied, but on the flip side I usually find them more hecktic, and have less probability of me being able to do everything I wanted to, and see less people than I would like. But that's my personal opinion, if the rules of this thread allow me to voice it.

But when it comes down to it, honestly the conventions I seem to enjoy the most are the inbetween one. The ones that used to be big, or haven't gotten so huge yet. Just the right amount of people and the right amount of programing to keep me occupied throughout the entire convention without going out of my mind, or being bored out of my tree. ^_^

I'm sorry if some of this doesn't sound smart, but I honestly think people will like conventions because of what they personally like and dislike, not because of proven facts or figures.

04-24-2005, 06:35 PM
Haha, someone actually did a thread on this who had the guts to do it. Good work Believed.

Now in my opinon I find both are okay, depending on how they work and are managed. Smaller cons are fun while Larger cons are sometimes a hassle.

Smaller Cons: There isn't alot of people which means more fun because there is less crowd and noise, staff aren't so sparce and everything is calm and pleasant. Smaller cons are also have no line ups, I hate line ups and if they do it's not 3 hour line ups. They also don't have to cap anything or split things like tables or materials because of lack of space. Smaller cons are more friendly as well. When I attended one last year, everyone was really nice and helpful and are edging to make your stay wonderful and fun which some larger cons are lacking. Smaller cons can be in one place and have more events because theres more room to do so.

Larger Cons: Large ones are okay for like meeting new people but they do have tons of bad sides, one for example is line ups, caps, slipting materials, they also tend to have less staff which doesn't boost the customer service thing to high and the staff also seemed alot more stressed then smaller cons where their relaxed. Larger cons also have issues with space and tend to either cut materials or move to two locations. They also need more money to run which means high costs for us. Larger con events mostly the old events can get worn and tireding and sometimes repeative. Larger cons are a stressful way to spend a weekend in my opinon, dealing with moody people,crowds, noise and the whole issue with high prices and caps.

The verdict: Smaller Cons. They are fun, relaxed and a great way to spend an awesome weekend without the hassle. I understand alot will back up larger cons, but their only large cause of the WORD OF MOUTH. In my opinon it will be sad when smaller cons turn into larger cons though. But I think it's like the circle of life here : Larger Con dies, smaller cons turn into larger cons and new cons are born. It's always gonna happen. Now back to my verdict, larger cons sometimes can blow while smaller ones are all about fun. That's just mon opinon.

04-25-2005, 09:19 AM
Umm... I would say smaller too. Just cause Larger cons may have alot of events, but it's hard to enjoy events when theres just so much people! Plus Smaller ones have room to grow where larger ones don't...really inless the grow out into the street. O_o But Medium ones are great too. I just look for a convention that won't bore me, irrate me or make me want to hang myself in utter boredom.

There were..alot of cons last year who bored me, I went for the Dealers Room and Masq/Cosplay Idol and left. I couldn't see any guests, barely enter any events, the video rooms were packed and talkative, the dealers room was really hard to move around in and so forth. Waiting in line, talking while trying to watch something and large crowds just kinda sucks the fun out of everything for me.

However, Medium ones are good too. Big events, not so much crowd.